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Blues in Munich

Leestijd: 100 minuten


“I’m glad we are here Rob, nine hours in a car is not my thing. We are still one hour early though. Do you think they are at home? Their building looks nice! Not much traffic here!” Kate was chattering as if she was nervous, speaking in short sentences. Maybe because she was just tired from the long drive? Or could it have been that she was nervous because we were finally going meet Karl and Lena?”

We had just arrived in Munich at the apartment of Lena and Karl right in the middle of town. We were going to stay until Monday morning while the four of us would attend workshops and blues dance parties at the yearly festival of Munich. Lena and Karl were among the volunteers that had stepped forward to have fellow dancers stay at their house for the duration of the weekend. A thing that is quite common in our community of dance lovers. It builds wonderful friendships and it helps us all to keep costs down, so we keep more money for clothing, shoes and of course partying.

The organizers of the event had put us in contact a few weeks before the start of the festival. Typically, one would just exchange some emails or messages, maybe a phone call or two, but the four of us decided to Skype each other right from the start. Actually it was Kate who reached out first. She had found Karl’s account after their names and numbers were given to us and she decided to use Skype as if it was a regular phone, just one with video added.

Karl had picked up the call believing it was Lena calling him as arranged for that evening. He had just taken a shower and was wearing nothing more than just a towel around his waist.  The first thing that Kate saw was Karl’s muscular body facing away from the computer. He started speaking German as he believed It was Lena just calling him from her business trip. It took him a few moments before he realised that the other side stayed quiet too long. That’s when he turned around to see Kate’s reddish face with a big smile staring at him. As she speaks German too she introduced herself as the lady from the couple that would come to stay with them. Karl hastily apologized for the mistake and quickly walked out of the frame to come back a few moments later wearing a T-shirt and jogging pants. Still managing to look hot according to Kate as she told me later.

From that moment on the two of them, and later Lena and myself too, had been making calls every few days to exchange details for the weekend, but also to build a new friendship and have some fun. Something between us just clicked right from the start. We discussed dancing, hobbies, work, families as if we were sitting next to each other in a cosy little cafe somewhere in the city. In the final weeks we even took the laptop with us to the bedroom. Still just for talking though, no X-rated stuff. Kate always made sure she looked pretty and was always wearing nice, but subtle, make-up when she expected a call. Even in the bedroom she was wearing her fancy nightgowns, not the simple pyjamas. I could see it in her eyes, I just knew that Karl had triggered the cheetah in her with his looks. She wanted to go hunting.

We arrived at three in the afternoon that Thursday, one hour earlier than planned. Wilhelm Strasse 521, it doesn’t get more German than that I remember thinking when I saw the street sign in that typical old German font. Fortunately for us, being too early, Lena and Karl were ready for us, they welcomed us to their apartment and helped us get our luggage to the room. Their inside of the apartment surprised me. The outside of the building appeared very traditional, but inside it was quite modern. Long and narrow with two large bedrooms, each with a big king-size bed, a big walk-in shower that could hold half a football team as Karl put it, a nice large kitchen and a cosy living room, without a tv. All up on the fifth floor of their building.

We had a bit of a rest and talked about our journey and the plans for the coming evening and days over a few simple cups of tea. They preferred to speak English to us even after they learned via our Skype sessions that our German was quite good. They wanted the exercise as they were going to have to speak English anyway in the coming few days because of all the international guest-dancers and teachers. The English and the tea had me even confused for a moment. I almost thought we had arrived in London, were it not for the slight, but recognizable, German accents and the wonderful smell of real German food that I had already picked up in their kitchen during the quick tour.

Lena and Karl were going to make dinner, allowing Kate and me to freshen up a little bit and get settled. When we were in the guest bedroom Kate said to me “And? Does Lena trigger you? Do you think she is hot? She has beautiful legs eh?”. She had started chattering again. “She looks pretty yes, but she is shyer in person than I had guessed before, don’t you think? Not really what I’m into!”. Kate looked a bit frustrated at me when I said that. “I think she is hot, just like Karl. You do see that don’t you?”. What was it with her all of a sudden? “Yeah, she is gorgeous. Maybe I’m just tired from the long drive too.”

Half an hour later we went back to Lena and Karl, dinner was almost ready, “Linsen mit Spätzle” Lena said. “You will love it. Not heavy so dancing this evening will be easy.” We sat down at their dinner table and enjoyed some more small talk. Kate was all focussed on Karl, but still noticed me checking out Lena more than I had done before. Nice figure, perky, long dark hair, cute dimples in her cheeks when she laughed. Yeah, if anything were to happen I would not be disappointed. Dinner was great and light indeed as Lena had promised. I was not worried at all that it would hinder our dancing later in the evening.

“Shall we get dressed?” Karl suggested, “the opening party starts in two hours and we have to take a short 15-minute tram ride to get there.” The workshops and the parties were going to be at various locations near and around the city centre, so we were relying on our friends to show us around. We had never been to Munich before, so we had already asked them in our Skype sessions to show us as many as possible really interesting places whenever possible. Not those typical tourist traps, but the better bars, restaurants and clubs that only the locals know, and tourists never find.

The tram stop was right outside their building, so we just had to memorize the line and the name. In case we would ever manage to get split up we would know how to find our way back to the apartment. They had even given us a spare key, just in case such a thing should happen. Or in case we needed some urgent privacy Lena had added with a big wink. Her shyness had started to fade away. I had added, “Can you give us ‘two’ spare keys then? Just in case Kate and I separately find someone to have some urgent privacy with!” They had both looked at us for a few seconds with amazement when Kate added, “Yes, we are like that! You should really try it someday. It is quite liberating.” Karl had responded “what gave you the idea that Lena and I were exclusive?” adding a wink and proceeding out the door into the street. 

The Thursday party was actually quite small compared to the others that followed in the days after. Most out of town guests typically arrived only on Friday when workshops started, when the first big live band party happened. This night was more for the locals that belonged to the Munich communities, with equally good music though, just provided by a DJ. Kate and I had come this extra day earlier just to have the best opportunities to meet and get to know the locals. Making friends was really our thing, the more the better.

As small parties go, there were still over one hundred people in the dance hall, quite a lot compared to what we were used to. Back home our local parties typically just managed to get that number of dancers at a maximum. When we came in I directly wanted to reach out to Kate to have our traditional first dance of the evening together, but I was already too late. Karl had already pulled her onto the dancefloor, the song that played was one of his favourites and he just couldn’t resist as he said in a hurry. Lena had also been grabbed by a local guy, leaving me standing all alone at the bar. Fortunately not for long though.  A beautiful redhead had seen it all happening and came to my rescue. “Hi gorgeous, want to dance?”. “Hey Eva, what a pleasure meeting you all the way down here. Of course I want to dance with you. You know that. I always do.” It was Eva from Rotterdam. I knew her from workshops and socials we both attended back in The Netherlands. Somehow we always managed to find each other at parties all over the region. But still there had never been a real spark between us. Don’t get me wrong, I could imagine very well doing naughty stuff with her, she was very beautiful and available, but, I do not know why, nothing ever more than a brother sister feeling had come from it. Maybe that will change this weekend, maybe I’ll get lucky, I thought to myself.

The evening was great. Lots of dancing to great music of course, but a lot more chatting with all the locals, getting to know more about the local scene, more about their lives here, finding out who they are. Most of the chats in English, but several times also in German once they found out that Kate and I spoke their language almost as well as our own. And of course we did not waste any chance to tell everybody how wonderful our home scene was. Inviting everyone to definitely drop in and say hi if they ever came near our neighborhood.

Around midnight the party started winding down, several people had already left, probably because they still had a workday ahead on Friday. Kate and I, as well as Karl and Lena, had all taken a few days off. This workshop weekend was worth it. Growing our friendship that had already started via Skype in the weeks before was something that we all wanted. I started looking for Kate and the others, but only found Lena still dancing on the dancefloor. When the song ended I stepped in for another dance with her. We started discussing to round up our partners and leave the party after this song. We only had a surprise workshop late in the afternoon, so no need to get up early, but we had plans to go sightseeing a bit with the four of us. “Have you seen Karl in the last hour?” Lena asked, “no, have you seen Kate?” I asked in return. “No, hmmm. What should we think of that?” she replied. “Probably they are having a good time” I said with a wink. “Let me quickly check my phone. Oh, I see she texted me an hour ago. She and Karl had headed back to the apartment. Nothing more.” “I have the same message from Karl” said Lena. “Just that. Nothing more. I knew it. These two are incredible!”. Lena and I looked at each other and we both started laughing. Both of us had noticed very well what had been growing over Skype in the last few weeks between Karl and Kate, they had been behaving as teenagers in love at times. Both of us were ok with that. We are all adults, open minded, no harm in having a bit of fun, flirting even. “Come Rob, a few more dances together, let’s give them some extra time” Lena said. She pulled me back onto the dancefloor. No sign anymore of the shy Lena that I thought I had seen earlier. I started to like this version more and more.

We danced until the DJ called out the last song, almost one o’clock in the night. “I will arrange an Uber, the tram does not run at this time of night on Thursday’s,” Lena said, “should just take a few minutes and it’s cheap.” “I’m in your hands Lena” I replied. Lena smiled, “Not yet” she said, “be patient Rob, maybe later. Would you like that?”. Amazing what an evening of absolute fun and dancing can do with a person, I thought to myself. The vibe between Lena and me started to pick up pace quite nicely. “I have felt your hands all evening Lena. I ‘know’ I would love to learn what these two could do with me” I said as I took both of her hands and gave them a little squeeze as lovers would do. “Hmmm” was her reply. “Come. Let’s go.”

We stood outside the venue to wait for our Uber. It was not really cold this late in September, but Lena made it a point to stand as close as possible anyway. Not too close as we didn’t want to raise too many eyebrows of the other locals. But close enough so she could manage to sneak in a few naughty squeezes in my hands and in other places. I enjoyed every second of this as if I was on my first date with her. Which I actually was, as a matter of fact.

In the back of the Uber, just one or two streets from where we started, I told Lena “I want to kiss you, now, here. Will you let me?”. She responded with a shy little smile and then leant over to me, inviting me to do what I just said. The kiss was tender, passionate, slow, wonderful. That moment I wished that the apartment would have had been further away, much further. Giving us more time for this first exploration. But no, in just ten minutes we had arrived at our destination.

When we entered the building Lena whispered, “let’s be as quiet as we can, I want to see what they have been up to”. We went up the stairs, took off our shoes and quietly opened the door of the apartment. “No lights, come, let’s check the bedroom.” We heard nothing, not a sound. When we entered their bedroom Lena said, “they are not here? That is weird the bed is still untouched. Would they be in your room?” So we went and checked out that room next. The door was not completely closed. Slowly we opened it and we found what we had been looking for. There, on top of a completely messed up bed, we saw Karl on his back and Kate half on top of him, both completely naked and sound asleep. “It looks like the journey tired her out too much. Karl still looks pretty undamaged as far as I can tell from here. Most parts still seem to be intact.” Lena almost started giggling and she pulled me back into the hallway. “Come, we’ll take the other bed.”

In the other bedroom she asked, “do you want to shower first Rob?” I was quick to say “No, if that is ok with you. I would like to go to sleep as soon as possible. It has been a long day.” Lena replied, “you do not expect me to believe that, do you?”. I pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear, “I was kidding. I want you right here and now. We have been sweating together all evening anyway, so a little bit more of that now will be ok. We will shower in the morning.” She looked me straight in the eyes, moved one hand to the back of my head and pulled me forward to start a long, fiery kiss. “Let’s not waste time tonight. We can take it slow another night” she said as she started unbuttoning my shirt. Soon our clothes started falling on the ground until both of us were completely naked. “What they can do, we can do better” Lena whispered. She had not lied, her hands were amazing. I felt them all over my body. In the back of my neck when she was kissing me, on my arms when we were playing around, on my legs when she was giving me head, on my chest when she was riding me hard. Mine were not too bad either judging by Lena’s moans. They were on her back when I was kissing her intensely, on her thighs when was licking her slowly, on her beautiful breasts when I was entering her for the first time, on her hips when I was taking her from behind wildly. I think that we must have played for two hours or so before we fell asleep. Exhausted from all the dancing and the fantastic sex. Almost in the same position as the other two sexbirds in the other room. The last thing I remember thinking was, “this is the start of a super weekend. Sleeping, eating, walking, seeing, dancing, having sex, having sex some more, repeat.”


Next morning came way too soon. I remember still feeling tired even before I was fully awake. The first thing I felt was a hand getting hold of me down there, “awwww” I heard Kate say, “she broke it”. When I opened my eyes I saw Kate lying next to me, looking me in the eyes with her naughtiest smile. Lena was still asleep, lying half on top of me on my other side. Behind her I saw Karl standing beside the bed, also still fully naked, his impressive manhood half erect as if he could be ready for some more in a matter of seconds. His hand squeezed Lena’s butt, “this one is broken too, come let’s go shower first Kate.”

Lena slowly woke up from all the commotion and had just managed to open her eyes when she saw Karl and Kate walking out of the bedroom still fully naked. “What did I miss?” was her first sentence. I took her hand and placed it where Kate’s hand first was, “Kate said you broke it.” I squeezed her behind and added “and Karl said you were broken too. I guess because you did not respond to his pointing presence.” She needed a few seconds to let the joking sink in. “Yours is bigger. Just you wait and see. We’ll give it some rest and then Kate and I will compare you guys closely. But first, let’s join them in the shower. I’m hungry.”

Karl had not lied, the shower was indeed big enough for the four of us. He had already started washing Kate’s back when we walked in. “Good morning guys” Kate said. “Did you have fun yesterday? Dancing was great eh?” Lena responded “dancing was super. The afterparty was excellent too. You have quite a stud here Kate.” Kate smiled and responded, “your bronco is not bad either Lena. I wonder if they can repeat their performance later.”

Half an hour later the four of us got ready for breakfast. Not much had happened in the shower anymore. All of us still felt the buzz from the night before. It was quite a sight though to see Kate completely naked getting her body, her breasts washed by Karl, while she was slowly stroking his hard erection and directly looking and Lena and me. Slowly closing and opening her eyes, visibly taking deep breaths, with her mouth opened just a bit showing us that she really loved every second of Karl’s attention. Lena was facing me, so I could wash her shoulders, her body and breasts, while she was washing my erection with both hands. But that was all we ended up doing that morning, wash each other slowly sensually, saving energy for later, for more dancing and more sex.

Breakfast was simple, just a few light sandwiches with some strawberry jam, ham, that kind of thing. We wanted to go sightseeing in the city so no time for a long breakfast. Plenty of time for that in the coming weekend. Karl told us that they knew a perfect little place for a late lunch where tourists never come. We could take all the time we wanted as our first surprise workshop was only at five. One of those where you don’t know who will teach it or what it will be about. Guaranteed to be great fun with plenty of laughs as always.

“Shall we keep the partner switch on this entire weekend?” Kate suggested just as we headed out of the apartment. “As long as the four of us are seen together nobody will have weird thoughts” Karl added. “You guys have it all worked out eh?,” Lena said. “I’m ok with that” I added. “As long as I get some man-to-man time with Karl too Kate. Sharing is caring remember!” The four of us had a quick laugh and we made it so.

We hopped onto a tram and got to see many interesting places in the city, little hidden old traditional stores, like the one that only sold handmade wooden toys, or the one that only sold vintage style candy. We visited small parks that lay hidden between homes, only accessible via narrow pathways, hidden between ordinary houses. We walked past little cafes that all had their own story. Karl knew all of them. You could see the joy in his eyes when he told some of these anecdotes to Kate and me. Lena loved seeing him this passionate, you could tell by her admiring, proud stare at Karl.

We did see some of the big things too of course. Most from a distance, except for the Japanese tea house in the English garden. Lena and Karl had gotten to know us well enough over Skype that they knew that we enjoyed gardens very much, our own at home, the big formal botanical ones, all the special ones. Especially here, in a big busy city, finding a spot of peace and quiet is always wonderful, it calms the mind. When I said that out Lena told me that I sounded like one of those silly commercials on tv. Damn, she was right, I did sound like that indeed.

When it was time for lunch Karl guided us to a little bistro just outside the regular streets. We had to enter by going into a small passageway between an antique bookstore and a bicycle repair shop. Again one of those places no tourist ever finds I thought to myself. We came into a small nice and cosy courtyard that had about six or seven tables at most. This is not a big place, I remember thinking, probably only German people there. We stepped through a door and entered the bistro itself. A little big bigger than the courtyard, but still very small. The place was a little gem though. From the moment I stepped inside I felt as if I was somewhere in a little town in Italy. Complete with all the decorations, background music and even the staff.

“We could site any place we want” the owner said, “it is quiet today”. Lena picked a nice table, “come here guys, this is my favourite spot”. She was right, the view was excellent. So many details to look and stare at, we would need hours to see everything.

At a table close to us I noticed a slightly younger couple arguing a bit over a piece of paper they were passing back and forth between them. Pointing out sentences and obviously not agreeing on something. “We got the full Italian experience package” I said to the others, “we even have a lover’s quarrel in Italian at the table next to us.”

Lunch was excellent. Both Kate and I love the Italian kitchen quite a lot, so for us it was a nice treat. “We have no secrets anymore for you guys eh? You even know how much we love Italian food. You are spoiling us!” Kate said. Lena replied, “you make it simple. As open as you guys have been during all the Skype chats, we feel like we have known you for years already. Right Karl?” Karl did not reply, he had not heard us at all, his attention was with the couple that was now quietly studying a little booklet. “They are dancers too” he said, “they seem to have problems finding the correct places to be for the workshops and the parties. Shall I invite them over to sit next to us? We can get to know them and help them out.” All three of us nodded. Karl stepped over to them and started talking with them, in Italian. Lena saw the surprise on Kate’s face and mine, “yes, he can do that too, I’m keeping him.” A few minutes later the couple stood up from their chairs and came over to us. “Hello, this is Gianna, I am Mauro, we have come to dance too.” “Hi Gianna, hi Mauro” Lena replied, “come sit here please.” Gianna was a beauty, a real Italian girl with probably a matching temperament I guessed. Long black hair, deep brown eyes, a slim figure and firm, perky breasts and a beautiful strong smile. Mauro was not a typical Italian guy, no he was somewhat similar to Karl actually. Just with dark hair, a darker tone and quite a bit shorter. But muscular in the same way. I noticed Lena checking him out fully. She even tilted her head a bit as if she was trying to get in all his details. Clearly his looks had some effect on her!

They told us that they had come from Firenze and that this was their first ever workshop weekend. They had been Blues dancing together for just over two years now, but only in their home town and in the region. Their English was very good, but still had that strong accent that you would expect. A cute couple. The problem they had been arguing a bit over was that they did not know for sure in which group they had been assigned to. They had not saved the email that had the details, or they had lost it somehow, they were not sure. Not all groups would be having their workshop classes in the same location, so that was going to be a problem. Lena stepped in and said, “I know someone in the organisation. Give me your last name and I will quickly make a phone call to find out in which group you are. I hope you are in our group so we can all hang out together.” Gianna responded, “it is DiAglio. Thank you very much Lena. Very kind.” Lena stepped outside for a few minutes to make the call. When she came back in she smiled and said, “you can relax, you are in the same group as us four. You are even in the surprise workshop for later this afternoon. We can hang out the entire weekend together.” I must say that I quite liked hearing that. Enjoying Gianna’s looks is one thing, getting to hold her closely for a few dances should be even better!

We explained them who we were, that we had come from The Netherlands the day before and that Kate and I were guests at the house of Lena and Karl for the weekend. We had done several workshop weekends so far in various dance styles, but never in Italy. Maybe one day we will come over and visit you we said.

Before we knew it time had started to run out on us. We all enjoyed talking so much that we had forgotten how much the afternoon had progressed. Luckily for us Karl was in full control, “come friends, we should leave now if we want to be on time for the surprise workshop.” We stepped outside and made our way to the nearest tram station, it would take a ten-minute ride to get to the workshop place. Walking to the stop Lena and I held hands, Karl had his arm around Kate’s shoulder as if they were two lovebirds on one of their first dates. I heard Gianna and Mauro whispering while they were looking at the four of us, the sight of us mixing things up must have been confusing I thought to myself. Boy, they were going to be in for more surprises later that night.

They surprise workshop was great fun as promised indeed, all about dancing blues to music that you typically never hear at blues parties. Finding a beat to bounce to, making it work together, having a connection with your dance partner even when she, or he, cannot rely on previous experience.

We were with about fifteen couples there, not many for such a big festival, but that was probably because it was at an odd time on a Friday. Or maybe because it was announced just too late. Fortunately Lena was close to the organisation and had informed us of it. She had arranged that the four of us could participate. Gianna and Mauro had probably just been lucky to register via the website at just the correct time.

The workshop was almost three quarters over before the rotation finally brought Gianna in my arms. I had made sure to stand next to her when we started, but the teachers decided to rotate in the other direction than that I was used to. The other girls and ladies in the group were all nice and pretty in their own way too, but I was most interested in getting to hold Gianna in my arms ever since I first saw her. Something about her looks just tickled me. When she finally came in my arms I happened to briefly make eye contact with Karl at the other side of the room, he smiled at me, pointed at Gianna and quickly made a small gesture with his fingers telling me something like ‘she’s fine, ok’ and ‘you will enjoy this buddy’. Mauro noticed it too and smiled as if he knew something that we didn’t, not annoyed at all, not protective of his girl, it was more like he was agreeing with us, a bit odd.

Gianna’s smile made me warm all over. This Italian fox knew her powers and used them fully. When I pulled her closed to me, a bit closer than I should have done actually, she whispered in my ear “finally it’s you”. I felt the warmth of her breasts through my shirt, her soft hand holding my shoulder and the other one in my left hand. I felt her tiny waist and her firm back through her thin top. Our turn fortunately lasted nice and long. At this point in the workshop most of the messing around, figuring out what to do and so was mostly over. It was time to get in some quality practice time. I noticed Gianna closing her eyes when we danced, as if she finally felt safe and at ease. Kate was dancing next to me and noticed it happening too, she smiled and signalled me with her eyes that she liked what she saw too. Kate mostly likes boys, but is, as me, not shy about showing some own gender interest if the vibe is there. Clearly she found Gianna a pretty thing to see too.

“Rotate” the teachers then said and I had to let go of my prize. A little “aww” escaped from Gianna’s mouth when she moved forward to her Mauro.

We had come full circle, Kate was back with me now. “Did you like?” she asked, catching me looking at Gianna as if I just lost my newest toy. I turned my head to look at her when I also noticed Lena, now to my right, also leaning in to hear my answer, “yeah, did you like?” she copied Kate’s question. “I like a lot” I responded, “more, I want more”. “Whoa, calm bronco. Save your energy for tonight’s party.” Kate added and both girls giggled. Gianna and Mauro had heard Kate’s remark and had started to chat Italian between them. I think they were not quite sure what Kate’s ‘bronco’ was supposed to translate to. I spotted them looking at Karl together shortly after, I guessed that they would ask him later to translate for them.

“Rotate, last time” the teachers called out again. “Aww” said Kate, looking at me with playful eyes, clearly copying Gianna’s earlier “aww” to have some fun with me. This time it brought Lena back into my arms. “Hi gorgeous.” “hey gorgeous yourself” she responded. “Ready for tonight?” I asked her. “Whoa, steady bronco” Lena said teasingly, “let’s first go to the party right!”. “I meant the party, you little devil.” “Yeah, yeah” and we danced our final blues dance of the workshop as if we were making love on the dancefloor. Next to me I saw the same happening between Kate and Mauro, clearly they had a vibe going on too.

When the workshop finished Gianna and Mauro told us that they were going back to the hotel to freshen up a bit. They were going to have a light snack at the hotel too so they could make it to the party in time. “What hotel are you at?” Karl asked. “Ziegler” Mauro responded. “That is not far from our apartment. Why don’t you come over to us for that snack? We can go to the party altogether, the six of us.” Mauro and Gianna looked at each other and almost simultaneously said “ok. We would love to.” As if they had rehearsed their response.

We all took the same tram towards the apartment and the hotel. Lena was leaning against me and Karl’s arm was again around Kate’s shoulders. Mauro and Gianna had to step out just two stops before ours and walk for five minutes. Karl had given them their apartment’s address, number 512 Wilhelm Strasse and instructions on how to get there from the hotel, just two streets away and a five-minute walk at most. They were going to freshen up, change into their evening dance clothes and come over as soon as possible.

“She is quite a beauty eh?” Karl asked me when Gianna just stepped off the tram, “I saw you enjoying yourself quite a bit during that last dance with her.” “She is hot indeed, that black hair, brown eyes, the accent, her smell, her body, really my type!” I responded. “Two is not enough for you?” “One can never have too much of a good thing, believe me.” Kate and Lena shook their heads. “Boys will be boys” said Kate. “So what did you girls think about Mauro” I asked. “Hmm, he is ok. He is a good dancer and has good looks. Too bad he is already taken.” Lena responded and Kate nodded in agreement.

Back in the apartment we freshened up a bit and put on some easy sports clothing. We would change into our dance outfits after our snacks. We still had well over two hours before the party opened and really kicked into gear so we could take it easy. Lena decided to be the naughty one this evening, “so Rob, which girl do you want in your bed tonight, Kate or me?”. “He wants both of us” Kate responded, “I know him”. “Hey, what about me then?” Karl asked as if he felt left out. “You can join us Karl” said Kate, “we’ll make it a foursome.” “Do we really have to go to that stupid party first?” I added with a grin.

“You are both wrong by the way” said Karl, “Rob wants Gianna is his bed this night.” I nodded to show them that that would have been my choice indeed. “I don’t think Mauro is the sharing type though,” I added. “Too bad, I would love to have her in my bed too,” Kate said. “Hmm, three girls can have a lot of fun together in one bed.” Lena agreed. “We will leave the boys in the living room until we are satisfied. Then they can come over and be good boys, they can do their thing if they are really nice and then massage us until we fall asleep.”

“What kind of weekend is this? We came here for blues dancing workshops I thought. It is turning into a sex workshops weekend. I’m not paying extra for this” I said. “Don’t complain Rob. We will have both!” Karl responded. “I mean we will have blues and sex.”

‘Rinnngggggg’ “Ah, saved by the bell” Karl said. He quickly went to open the door for Gianna and Mauro. Wow, what a beauty. Gianna entered the apartment, when she took off her long black coat I saw she was wearing the sexiest dress I had ever seen. Black with a hint of glitter, bare shoulders and upper back, short skirt above her knees and a very sexy cleavage. Her outfit was completed by a set of comfortable white sneakers. She saw me checking her out and said, “I have dancing shoes with me, don’t worry, they are cool too.” I then noticed that Mauro had seen me checking out Gianna, but again he just showed that strange smile as if he was hiding something. I just could not understand why. Aren’t Italian guys supposed to be very defensive of their girls? Mauro just seemed to be amused.

“Who likes noodles or rice?” Lena asked. We sat down at the kitchen table, enjoyed the food and some other snacks and talked about little stuff. We still had well over an hour before we had to leave for the party. I couldn’t stop myself from checking out Gianna as often as I could without making it too obvious. But the temptation was too great. I know that it hadn’t gone unnoticed. Kate was hot and knows how to push my triggers, Lena was an undercover tiger that surprised me pleasantly last night, but Gianna … she had the looks that would drive any man wild. Completely my dream type.

“Let’s go change guys” Karl said, again being our perfect planner for the weekend. We left Gianna and Mauro in the living room while we went into the bedrooms to dress for the party. With the level of competition set by Gianna, both Kate and Lena made it a thing to look as beautiful as possible. Their best dresses came out of the suitcase and closet. Karl and I, being simple men, were ready first and went back to Gianna and Mauro to keep them company while the girls finished getting dressed. A few minutes later we heard Lena call out, “Gianna, can you come help us please. We want your opinion on what earrings to select.”

Karl and I stayed with Mauro in the living room. “You two are looking sharp” he said when we entered the room. “Thanks man. You have a cool outfit too,” I replied. “You are a lucky man Mauro. Quite a catch your girl.” Mauro just showed that silly grin again and started asking us questions about tonight’s party. What is the location like, will it be crowded, is the band good, those kinds of questions, clearly he was a little bit nervous. “Don’t worry” Karl said, “you will love it.” “You should worry more on keeping all the other men from claiming Gianna all the time.” Mauro just replied, “I’m not worried, she already told me who she is interested in.” Again with that secretive smile.

“But tell me, how do you four make it work? Both Gianna and I love how you guys do it!” “Huh? What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, you and Kate are a couple and Karl and Lena are the other couple, but outside in the streets and so, you are with each other’s girls. And you just met yesterday!” Karl and I both grinned a bit. I started to explain that we had already talked a lot over Skype in the past few months, that we really had got to know each other quite a bit. There had been chats between the four of us, but also two-person chats. We already knew that all four of us think a bit more liberated than average about intimacy and sex. And that those can be just things, activities that friends like to share and do together. How it can be separate from what people typically see as a relationship between two persons. “Two or more even” Karl filled in. “And that is normal here in Germany and in The Netherlands?,” Mauro asked. “Not ‘normal’ as that everybody thinks this way, but somewhat accepted if people find out. Not by everybody, but more and more by the friends that we choose to have.” I added. Mauro responded that he was jealous, back in Firenze, in Italy, people were not so open. Only standard life-long boy-girl relations were accepted. Certainly in the smaller villages and little towns. Maybe Rome was more modern, but certainly not Firenze. Karl and I both had to fight the urge to tell him that we had gone a bit further than just flirting last night.

“What do you think boys?” Lena asked as the girls came back into the living room. She was dressed in a beautiful dark blue dress herself and Kate was wearing a dress that I did not recognize, a wonderful dark red dress. Both girls had made sure that they were going to put up a good fight for the attention of the men at the party. “Is that a new dress that you bought?” I asked Kate. “Nope. This is one of Lena’s. It’s pretty eh?” “You are pretty my love, the dress just completes you.”

“And it’s time again friends” Karl said as he started moving towards the hallway to fetch the coats.

When we entered the party we immediately knew that we had the attention of everybody in the room. Our girls seemed to stun all the other males. We saw all heads turn one by one in our direction for a few moments. This time I made sure that Kate was mine to dance with first. “Not today Karl” I said to him. “Play with your own girl first before you spoil mine” I said with a big grin. Our first dance together was as if we were making a flying start, hearing one of our favourite songs we needed only ten seconds to get our blues energy out on the dance floor. Impressing some of the others that just stood there watching. Only a few couples had come out for this song, not everybody’s favourite, maybe just a little bit too difficult for the others that I guessed were mostly beginners or first year dancers. While enjoying the dance I made sure to have a good look at the girls that were looking at us, easy prey for later I thought to myself. No, no, just kidding, actually I just wanted to check out which girls I recognized from our workshop earlier. I only found just one or two actually amongst the many in the hall. This event was indeed quite big as Lena had told us before. Her friend that was part of the organisation had told her that there were almost four hundred persons attending throughout the weekend.

By the time the song finished Karl and I had made sure to end near to each other so all we needed to do was to lead our girls into the arms of the other, and continue into the next song. It worked out so smoothly that the dancers around us must have thought it was a rehearsed routine.
“So what are you going to do to me this evening Rob?” Lena said with a soft bedroom voice directly in my ear as we enjoyed a very intimate slow blues song. “Close your eyes and I will let you feel right now what will come later” I whispered in turn. I held her as close as I could. She reacted by crawling right inside of me, every inch of her body seemed to be touching mine. Her waist was just a little bit smaller than Kate’s, so at one point in the dance, just after a turn, I almost touched the side of her breast with the arm that was around her back. She noticed my almost mistake and responded by quickly turning a bit extra until there was actually a graze happening, “here’s a little sneak pre-touch. You will get the rest later” she said. She really knew how much this was turning me on and decided to tease me even further by getting even closer. My right leg was between her legs, very close, she made sure that I felt her rubbing against me. With her right leg she came between mine and she lifted it a bit extra high to check my body’s response to her temptation. “My my Rob, I can feel I have your full attention down there. Good, very good.” She really got more and more into it. Only the second song and we were already making love on the dancefloor. At one point she even had the courage to kiss me in my neck, in the middle of the dance floor, where all her local friends would have been able to see her do that. “Sorry, but you just smell so damn good” she apologized. “Don’t be sorry Lena. I’m ok with it, Kate is, Karl is. Nobody else here has any say.”

When the song ended she said, “come let’s get something to drink, I’m thirsty.”

We started walking towards the bar when we saw Gianna and Mauro again. Shortly after we came in they had spotted some friends from Italy and had told us that they were going to quickly say hello before they started dancing. “Hi Rob, will you dance with me?” Gianna asked. I looked at Lena to see if she was ok with that but saw that she was invited by Mauro to dance too. “Yes of course Gianna. It will be my pleasure.” Drinks can wait, I thought to myself.
Dancing in a workshop setting is fun of course, but in a dance studio with plain white lights and everybody in simple comfortable clothing, it misses something. But here, tonight, in a proper dance room with proper festival lighting and all dancers in their best outfits, now that’s the real thing. Gianna was already beautiful when I first saw her in this dress in the apartment, but in this setting she was absolutely spectacular. And she was mine. At least for the next dance.

I knew that she was not really a shy one by her cheeky remarks during the workshop earlier in the afternoon, but here, in a new environment, she seemed to be holding back a bit. Dancing with her was wonderful, but I missed the fire that I expected to feel. She kept on looking towards the bar where her Italian friends had been standing. “What’s up Gianna?” I asked, “is everything ok?”. “Huh, oh, yes, yes, I’m fine” she replied looking at me with those beautiful dark brown shy eyes, but she did not convince me with her response. “Let me warm you up a bit more then” I said as I held her a bit tighter and increased my blues feeling with her. It seemed to do the trick a little bit, her eyes started sparkling more, but it had not quite the effect that I had hoped for. The dance was great but felt a bit empty. I must fix this I thought to myself.

When the song finished I asked her if she wanted to come with me for a drink. She said yes and we went over to the far side of the bar together. I picked the side furthest away from the music and a little bit out of sight of the others so I could spend a bit of one-on-one time with her. “Something is troubling you Gianna, I can feel it. What is wrong?” She looked at me directly, I saw the hesitation in her eyes but I also a strong desire to say something. She just couldn’t get it out. I took both her hands and squeezed them a little bit, “it is ok, we are all friends here, friends help friends.” She started to tell me that Mauro had told her about the conversation with Karl and me earlier, when she was helping Kate and Lena pick earrings. “Does that worry you? That the four of us are so flirty with each other?” I asked. “No, no, it does not worry me. It makes me want …” She stopped mid-sentence when someone came to stand next to us to order drinks. “Can we go somewhere else?” she asked. “Sure, let’s find a place.” We left the room and went upstairs to find a quiet place to talk. The place was a bit of a maze, but after a few minutes we found our way to the balcony from where we could look down on the dance floor and the bar that we had just been standing at. There were some other couples there, but they wouldn’t be able to hear us talking, this place was big, and the music was loud enough.

“So what is it that you want Gianna?” I said, trying to help her finish her interrupted sentence. “I want,  .. I wished that I could have that too.” And she looked directly at me with her gorgeous eyes. I could almost feel the desire. “You can have it too. It is a free world. Just take what you want.” I told her. Almost inviting her to take me right there and then, oh how I would have loved that, she really tickled me. “Yes, but Mauro …” and she stopped again. “But Mauro what? He does not agree?” “Oh no, that is not it, Mauro has nothing to say over me, he is just over protective.” Now she had me confused. He had nothing to say over her? “Mauro wants Lena” she then said, “but he knows that Karl and you are already both with her. He doesn’t think she is interested in him.” “Then he should get his eyes checked out” I added. “Lena is most definitely interested in him. I saw the way that she checked him out in the restaurant. But are you ok with that?” Her response was again confusing, “yes sure, why shouldn’t I be?”. Weird. First she told me she wanted the openness too, that she was jealous of us and now she told me that she had no issues if Mauro was with another woman.

“I think that your worries are no longer needed by the way, look” and I pointed over the edge of the balcony to the dancefloor. There, in the middle, right in front of the band, Mauro and Lena were dancing together in a very tight embrace. It almost made me jealous even. Gianna smiled. “So Mauro seems well on his way to getting what he wants, how about you Gianna, how do we give you what you want?” For a minute she just stared at the dancefloor, at Mauro and Lena dancing like they were lovers. Something clicked. Then she replied, “I will take what I want as you said.” She pulled me close and started kissing me. This weekend was definitely going to be the best weekend ever I thought to myself. We kept on kissing for minutes, enjoying each other, gently discovering this new person in our arms. Her touch, her skin, everything was wonderful about her. All my other senses just switched off. Only touch and her wonderful scent remained. I did not hear the music anymore, I did not see anything else than her pretty face. When we paused she said, “I will tell Mauro this evening.” “Are you sure you want to do that Gianna? I must admit that Mauro and you have me confused quite a bit. Will he be ok with that?” She just giggled and stood up. “Come, let’s dance some more.”

All other dances that evening were one big blur from that moment on. I enjoyed them all. I danced with several other pretty girls and chatted a bit with each one. But almost none of the names stuck with me this time. I was high on Kate, Lena and now on Gianna. Just the name of Yoko, the pretty Japanese girl stuck. Probably because I have a thing for Asian girls. And Gina’s name, the girl from Antwerp. I love the Belgian accent so much. I always used to say that my dream girl would be a Japanese girl that grew up in Belgium, but nowadays I wasn’t that sure anymore. That German girl Lena, that Italian babe Gianna and my own Dutch Katewere my favourites right now. 

“You kissed her, didn’t you?” Kate asked when I danced with her later in the evening. “What do you mean, who?” I tried to say as if I didn’t know who she meant. “You know very well who I mean. You guys can’t hide that from me, I see the way you look at each other. Gianna and you kissed, I know for sure.” There was no point in trying to hide this, Kate has known me for many years now. I’m like an open book to her. “Yes, we kissed, on the balcony, earlier in the evening.” “Did you like it?” “She kisses like an angel. A naughty little angel with Italian blood.” “Maybe I should kiss her too then. Check for myself. Who knows, maybe Lena gets to be right with her three girls’ night she mentioned before.” And she squeezed me a little bit tighter. “You’re driving me crazy Kate.”

Two songs later our group of six came back together. “Hey guys, I think we shouldn’t make it too late tonight. Workshops start at half past nine in the morning for us. So if we want to get some sleep we should go home now.” Again Karl was the voice of reason. He was right. It would be midnight before we got back to the apartment and hotel. “You’re a spoil sport Karl, but you are right” I said. So we quickly said our goodbyes to some of the other friends and left to head back. On the way back in the tram we were all more quiet than normal. Tired I guess from the long day, many new impressions and half hidden desires that did not know how to show themselves. Kate sat with me, Lena with Karl and Gianna with Mauro, our eyes just stared outside mostly. Near the exit for Gianna and Mauro we gave them nice warm hugs and wished them a good night. I tried to give Gianna a small kiss on her cheek, but as the tram moved it ended up on her lips instead. Gianna’s eyes moved quickly as she tried to look deep into both of mine. She then put her hand in my neck, pulled me close and started kissing me passionately. It lasted for just ten seconds, but when I opened my eyes I could see the other four staring at us with big smiles on their faces. Even Mauro looked pleased. Gianna quickly rushed out of the tram now. “Come Mauro” she said quickly. He gave me a hug and quickly followed Gianna. The doors closed and the tram started moving again, a quick wave, but we already couldn’t see them anymore. Two more stops and we would be at the apartment. “Wowsers” Lena said, “I think she likes him” adding a silly grin.

Back in the apartment Karl suggested that we should try to get as much real sleep as we could, to have enough energy for the long day tomorrow. “Aww” I said, but both girls agreed with Karl. “We would only keep each other awake all night” Lena said to me. “Indeed” Kate confirmed as she looked into Karl’s eyes. “Shower in the morning then!” I said. “I’ll set the alarm for seven in the morning. Have a good night guys.” We all hugged each other and went off to our bedrooms. Kate and I stripped naked and we got into bed. She came close, put one leg over mine, wrapped her arm over my chest and put her face in my neck. “Hmmm, you still smell nice. Or is that Gianna’s perfume?” she said as she kissed me on my cheek. “You really like both Gianna and Lena eh?” “Yes, I like both of them a lot, but I love you Kate.” I gave her a quick kiss on her lips. Minutes later we fell asleep.


Next morning came way too soon again, what is it with mornings in this town? I asked myself when my alarm went off. I opened my eyes as I felt Kate leaving the bed. “Good morning sweetheart” she said, “I am going to shower now.” I could just see her leave the bedroom without bothering to put anything on. Moments later I heard the water start in the shower. I stayed in bed for a few minutes more and then decided to go and follow Kate. By this time the shower should be nice and warm I thought. When I stepped into the hallway I met Karl who was also on his way to the shower, “good morning, did you sleep well?” he asked. “Yes thank you, I did. You too?” he nodded back and said “yes, like a baby”. Both of us fully naked, comfortable as if we saw each other all the time like this.

As we stepped into the shower we saw both Kate and Lena already in there. They were in a close embrace kissing each other passionately while standing under the water stream. Karl and I looked at each other and he said, “that is what girls do if you don’t make them tired enough in the night.” We joined them and stepped into the shower. As I stood behind Kate and Karl behind Lena the girls kept on kissing. We started to wash our girls while we enjoyed the view. I felt a hand take hold of me below and starting to stroke me. The girls stopped kissing and Lena looked me directly in my eyes. “Hmm, I can feel I have your attention now.” Kate looked down to see what was happening and said, “good idea Lena” and she took hold of Karl in the same way. With her other hand she pulled Karl towards her and started kissing him. I started kissing Lena too in the same way. Quite a sight it must have been, the four of us in that shower, boy girl girl boy, kissing and having a bit of fun. We played for just a few minutes but then decided to hurry up and finish showering, we still had to get dressed, have breakfast and leave no later than nine to be in time for the first workshop of that day.

As we sat on the tram I expected Gianna and Mauro to join us at the second stop. They were going to be in the same workshops as the four of us for the entire weekend. But that didn’t happen. I guessed they would have taken a tram earlier or so. Still plenty of time, nothing to worry about I tried to convince myself. But actually I was worried. Yesterday’s kiss in the tram, what would Gianna have told Mauro, would they have slept ok and would they have had shower sex too this morning? So many questions. But worrying did not make sense. It would all be ok I was sure of that.

When we entered the workshop room I started looking around to see if Gianna and Mauro were already there, but I did not get the chance to see past the first quarter of the room before I felt Gianna jump on me from the other side. “Hi Rob, so glad you are here!” she said as I tried to turn around to give her a big hug. “I’m so looking forward to today. We are going to have so much fun.!” Wow, she was all pumped up for this. I guessed that her night and her talk with Mauro went better than I expected. Then I saw Mauro coming in our direction too, all smiles. “Hi Lena” he said first, “you look pretty today”. Then, realizing that the other three of us were also there he corrected himself, “you all look pretty today” and started blushing. Karl and I looked at each other and then I said, “you do indeed look very pretty today Karl.” “Oh my, thank you Rob.  You are quite handsome too.” “Boys boys behave” Lena said, “if you are going to behave like that all day neither one of you will get lucky tonight. At least not with me.” She looked at Kate and Gianna to step in and back her up. “I cannot make that promise Lena” said Kate as she cuddled up to Karl. “I think Rob will get lucky tonight” Gianna added in a shy ’ish voice and she gave me a little squeeze. “If you two are going to be like that too you can keep your boys from now on girls. I will keep Mauro.” And she walked towards him and gave him a long hug. Mauro had fallen silent, just as shy as Gianna was before, how had these two ever hooked up together, I wondered.

The workshops were great, two of them, each just over one and a half hours, with a small break between them. They got us close to one o’clock in the afternoon. With about twenty-five, maybe even thirty couples each it all did feel a bit massive though. The surprise workshop yesterday was a lot more personal. Now the group was so large that the rotation never brought Gianna back to me. Or any of the others to their starting partners. But you will hear nobody complaining. Everybody in the group was simply wonderful. We had all come here to learn things, enjoy dancing, make new friends and just have fun.

I did not see Yoko, Gina or Eva in either workshop. I guessed they were in one of the other groups. Or maybe they were in the afternoon classes. We had the luck of being in one of the groups that had Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning off. Our workshops on Sunday were only going to start at two in the afternoon, so we had plenty of free time this Saturday afternoon. We could stay as late as we wanted at the Saturday evening party and we could have a relaxed Sunday morning. Leaving plenty of time to get a good night’s sleep Saturday night. In theory at least.

Each teacher couple brings a different style of teaching to the event. Some will teach you new moves, others will make you rethink the basics of the dance. Trying to make you ‘feel’ the music even more rather than just listen to it. Getting you to be comfortable with dancing steps outside of the rhythm of the music. Karl and I struggled with that last one. Feeling the music, being ‘into’ it was most definitely our thing, but these weird accelerations, we just kept missing the connection, just like over half the other guys in the room. Much to the amusement of our girls. For some weird reason all three of them had an easy time picking up the new stuff. They couldn’t stop giggling when they saw everybody else struggle. It was actually funny to see indeed as it made people move like in one of those weird cartoons where you see the character stand still and their feet are all over the place. I can’t explain it, I guess you had to be there to really understand it. And then there was Mauro, the quiet shy guy from Italy. He proved to be a natural at this, best of class for sure. Which became especially clear when the teachers confirmed it by saying “well done Mauro” several times. Karl and I were the more experienced dancers, but in this area Mauro left us biting the dust. As in the true spirit of our community though, it did not annoy us at all that he was the better one. It just meant that we were going to have him teach us his tricks later.

“First lunch and then some sightseeing together?” Karl proposed as we stepped outside after class had ended. “Great plan Karl” replied Mauro. Earlier the more silent one, now his self-confidence had received a boost by his success in the last workshop. It even showed in the way he walked, a bit more upright and with bigger strides. He suddenly surprised us all by making a new proposal for the group. “Shall we do a partner switch with the six of us? Like the four of you did before, but now with Gianna and me too?” The four of us had a quick look at each other and then replied almost exactly at the same time, “yes”. “Great plan Mauro” Kate responded, and she hooked into Karl’s arm. “Can I have Rob Lena? Oh sorry, I meant can I have Rob Kate?” Gianna asked next. Lena and Kate both giggled and said “yes”. “Yes I have played enough with him, I want a new toy,” Lena said, and she moved over to Mauro and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “Great” Gianna said, and she almost jumped into my arms.

Lena guided us all to a little lunch room not far from the workshop hall. It did not look like much from the outside and the first part of the interior was also average at best, but when we stepped into the garden at the back we saw the prettiest city garden I had ever seen. Not big, just seating for thirty people at most, but not cramped either. Fortunately with just enough space left for the six of us, we just had to put two tables together and borrow a chair. We had some simple light dishes like salads, a club sandwich, omelette and so, nothing fancy or heavy. This had to stay a dance weekend and eating too much would not make the dancing easier for anyone. The food tasted absolutely delicious after this morning’s heavy workout in dance class. Especially now it was even better with the good weather and the arousing company we were in. We kept on chatting about Mauro’s cool footwork and the stumbling that Karl and I barely managed to get done. We talked about the evening party that had to come and the amazing band the would perform, about tomorrow’s teachers and a lot more.

When lunch was done Gianna pulled me close and whispered something in my ear. I loved her idea, so I said to the rest, “listen up gang. I suggest we split up and stroll through the city as separate couples. We’ll meet each other again for dinner in front of the restaurant across the street later, say half past five. Gianna and I want to have a little bit of us time to get to know each other better. What do you say?” “Deal” Mauro said, “my thoughts exactly” Karl added. “Ok, let me pay the bill and we can go. We have over three hours until dinner, that should be enough right?” Lena responded to me with, “not nearly enough Rob, but it will do for now.” “Maybe we can find some more quality time after the party tonight” Kate added with a big fake-shy look on her face while she held Karl extra tight.

Gianna and I decided to walk in the direction of the big park. She held my hand really tight as if this was our first date ever. Which, now I think of it, it actually was. She was noticeably nervous about all of this, even with this being her idea that she had whispered in my ear earlier. “Relax Gianna, you are safe with me. Nothing will happen unless we both want it” I tried to comfort her. “Can I ask you anything Rob?” “Yes sure, don’t hold back, just shoot your questions at me.” She hesitated a bit and then told me “It is weird for me to be with a married man on a date. I would never have wanted to do such a thing. But with you guys, with Kate being ok with it, with all four of you just being all normal about it, that is amazing.” And she fell silent again while she just looked shy straight ahead now. “But you had a question for me right?” I could see her almost shake from being nervous about it. “I don’t really know anything about you Rob, but … but … I do feel myself physically very attracted to you. As if I am a schoolgirl on a date.” I replied, “I feel the same attraction towards you Gianna. I could kiss you right here in the middle of the street.” She stopped walking, looked at me and said, “then why don’t you?” Her eyes staring deep into mine. So I did as she suggested. We enjoyed each other in a kiss that seemed to last for minutes. Right there in the middle of the sidewalk, the sun shining on us, cars driving by and people walking by, we only felt each other, everything and everyone else disappeared. When we paused we just smiled at each other and continued walking towards the park. We were both silent, as if we did not want to lose the taste of the kiss by talking.

When we entered the park I said to Gianna, “you still haven’t asked me that question.” “Let’s sit down over there on the grass Rob. In the sun, where there are no other people.” When we sat down she lost her shyness, she slowly pushed me onto my back and placed herself to my side with one arm on my chest. She asked, “would you like to go to bed with me this night?” I just smiled at her and pulled her head towards me for another long, intense kiss. When we stopped I said, “oh yes Gianna, I really want to have you this night.”

Normally a million questions would start racing through my head in a moment like this, but this time, with Gianna, there on the grass in the sun, all was quiet. I just looked at her pretty face, her gorgeous eyes and already felt every inch of her body naked on mine. We just lay there for half an hour or so, mostly quiet, just kissing and feeling the sun and the soft breeze. Birds singing in the trees. The sound of a fountain in the distance. People walking by quietly. That moment felt heavenly. The rush of feel good hormones was intense.

Slowly my brain started to catch up with my internal chemistry. “Do you want to make sure that Mauro is ok with this first Gianna?” “He is ok with this, I know, don’t worry.” she quickly replied. “If he gets lucky too he will have his hands full with Lena tonight.” I almost laughed out loud when she said that and replied, “Lena is the lucky one. She really likes Mauro. She already told me that she was hoping you two were as open to having intimate fun as the four of us are.” Gianna studied me a bit and started to ask, “did you and Lena … did you …?” I helped her out and said, “Yes, Lena and I had sex and slept together Thursday night. So did Kate and Karl. In fact, it was them who disappeared from Thursday’s party first.” Her face lit up as if she had won a prize. “I knew it” she said, “Mauro told me that he talked to you about the switch that you four did so openly outside. I told him that you probably also switched in bed. He thought you hadn’t done that.” She almost sounded like a teenager that enjoyed gossiping about her classmates.

“Do you want to explore some more Rob?” Gianna asked. “Yes I do, but then I would have to undress you here in the park.” I replied with a smile. “No silly, I meant the city.” “I’m teasing you. Of course I know that. Sure let’s go. It would be weird if the others asked later what we visited and all we could reply was ‘the park’.” We walked through the park to the other side and visited the Japanese garden again where I had already been the day before. I tried to impress Gianna by showing her that I knew quite some details, but she saw right through me. She told me that Kate had already mentioned yesterday’s sightseeing tour. We wandered through the rest of the old town without any plans. Just randomly choosing any direction that looked interesting at every point. We didn’t really care if we got lost, we were not looking for anything specific, we didn’t even notice the other people wandering the streets, we were just holding hands and slowly falling in love. Both of us fully aware of reality, this was a love of friends that enjoyed physical intimacy, each other’s touch, sex, but not a love of staying together for the rest of our lives. And both of us, actually all six of us, were fully ok with that. We discovered old streets, picturesque buildings, vintage shops, a store that just sold clocks, not a single one of them telling us the correct time, a little one-room museum about a famous local person that I can’t even remember the name of.

And then there was that one store, with the simple name “La Pula”. I had no idea what it meant, it sounded Italian, but Gianna did not want to translate it for me. The window gave me no good clue either, it just showed pictures of beautiful girls in evening dresses in front of a semi-transparent curtain that did not allow us to see any real details inside. “Shall we go in Rob? I want to go in.” “Sure, why not” I answered. When we stepped inside I quickly realized what kind of store this was, it sold lingerie and erotic toys. “My oh my Gianna, you ‘are’ a naughty one aren’t you?”. Gianna just smiled, but I could see by the blush on her face that this was more than she expected too. “If you rather go outside again it’s ok with me” I said to comfort her. “No no, come, I see a nice outfit.” She went over to it and asked me, “you like this in black? Or do you want it dark red?”. “I think the black one would look hot on you.” She picked her size and went to the dressing room. “Come” she said, “join me in the dressing room.” Now it was my face’s time to turn bright red I thought. In the dressing room she stripped almost naked, keeping only her panties on. But she faced away from me and I was politely facing the other way as she had requested. After a few minutes she said, “what do you think? Does this excite you?” As I turned around I saw what she had put on, wow. Semi-transparent black nylons, a tiny garter belt, a bra that nicely presented her two beautiful breasts and a thin black negligée on top of that. “Wow, wow, you ‘do’ have my, eh, attention indeed.” I stuttered. “You can look but you cannot touch …. yet.” she said. Oh my, what a tease. She grinned and said, “I can see in your pants that I have your attention indeed.” Instinctively I looked down and saw her grabbing hold of my excitement, teasing me with her touch, repeating “you cannot touch yet, but I can.” And she started stroking me a bit. “Now turn around again. I will change back.” This is a devil in disguise I thought to myself, I don’t see us getting much sleep tonight.

Minutes later we went back out in the street with a little stylish paper bag that simply had ‘La Pula’ printed on it.

We kept exploring the old town until it was time to head back to the restaurant. We hopped onto a tram to save ourselves a long walk back. Our feet still had a lot of work to do later in the evening, so we needed to give them a little bit of rest. On the ride back Gianna cuddled into my arms, letting me hold her tight, letting me smell her beautiful long black hair. It relaxed me completely. As far as I was concerned we could have gone to the apartment right now, skip the entire party and just have fun all night.  I wanted it both, party and Gianna.

“Hey guys” said the voice of Kate when we arrived at the restaurant, “did you guys have fun?” “We sure did” I told her, “where is Karl?” I asked when I noticed that Kate was standing alone outside the restaurant. “He is checking for a table for six in a restaurant further down the street, this one is fully booked.” Oh damn I thought, we should have made reservations. “I decided to stay here to catch you guys.” Kate added.

Minutes later Mauro and Lena arrived from the opposite direction. Both wearing big smiles and with hairdo’s that were not quite as orderly as they were before. “Hey hey” Lena said, “where’s Karl?” Kate explained where he had run off to. “Ah, that is a great place too. I hope that it works out.” “I see you two had fun.” I said while pointing at the hair of Mauro and Lena. “Uh huh” was Mauro’s response back. His self-confidence was still noticeable. I assumed he had been doing something that he was good at in the last few hours. “Yep” Lena added, “we had great fun indeed. We did a city tour on two of those Segways, I never did that before. So we have helmet-hair.” “Yeah, sure, great excuse” was Gianna’s response. “No seriously, we did do that” Mauro said.

“Aha, you two had fun too I see. And I know that you will have a lot more fun this night, you naughty animals.” Lena said as she pointed at the little bag that Gianna was still holding. “It’s one of my favourite shops too Gianna.” At that time Karl came back from the other restaurant, “yes guys, they have a table for us now. Let’s go.”

The restaurant appeared to be an old, typically German place from the outside, but on the inside it was something completely different. It was a very modern place, complete with incredible lighting, very straight-lined furniture, mostly thirty-something customers, relaxing smooth jazz lounge music, but also with a real inviting atmosphere. Our table was not in the best spot, but good enough for a quick bite we thought. We still had places to be and things to do this evening.

“They serve very quick here guys. So if we are lucky we can still get to the party by nine when the band starts.” We decided to just do a main course and no starters or deserts so we could get to the apartment and hotel back and forth to change into our good outfits and still be in time for the opening as Karl had said. The food was very good and quick on the table indeed. I believe we all had some form of a simple rice-based dish, something that would go easy on us and not stop us from going wild later. We could have just taken more time for dinner of course, as any night, but dancing was always so much fun and especially tonight’s band was going to be so great, we did not want to miss any second of that.

Half an hour after finishing dinner the four of us were back in the apartment changing into our best outfits. Gianna and Mauro had gone to their hotel. This was the big party night, bigger than Friday’s party. Everybody was going to be there, we should all look amazing. I was curious what Gianna would be wearing. Yesterday’s dress was absolutely amazing, how would she be able to look any prettier today I wondered.

At one point I was in the bathroom with Karl, just wearing our pants getting our hair in shape when he asked me, “so you and Gianna eh? She is cute. Do you think you will see the end of tonight’s party?” I smiled at him and replied, “the band plays until two o’clock right? I am so glad I have a spare key to your place Karl, I am certain I will be needing it tonight.” “We can sleep in late in the morning, we only have workshops at two in the afternoon.” Lena filled in as she just stepped into the bathroom with us. “We can party all night.” “Oh Rob is planning to have a party alright” Kate added when she came in too. “Just a private one with his new girl. “Aww, I’m not your favourite toy anymore Rob?” Lena joked as she cuddled up to me and wrapped her arms around my chest. “I still think we could have some fun” she said as she let her hand slide down my chest into my pants. “Help me out Karl, what should I do? I want all three girls to play with!” Karl answered me, “now don’t get greedy Rob, I just want your Kate one more night, or two. “Liar” Lena responded, “if Gianna would pass by your bed you would take a chance too.” “Yep, guilty” he said. “Guilty too” Kate added, “remember that girls-only party that we mentioned yesterday? I wouldn’t say no if that happened.” “Is it getting hot in here Karl or is it me? I said.

“Rinnngggggg” “Yes, saved by the bell again.” Karl said and he went to open the door, still shirtless. When he opened I heard Gianna say, “Hi Karl, where is Rob?” To which Karl answered, “he will be here soon as soon as he is done playing with Lena and Kate in the bathroom.” “Don’t listen to that liar Gianna, I will be there in a minute.” I quickly put my shirt on and went to the living room, leaving Lena and Kate in the bathroom putting on their make-up.

Gianna looked absolutely stunning again. This time she had on a beautiful dark red dress, matching shoes, bracelet and a flower in her hair which she wore up this time. I stepped over to her, took both her hands and looked her up and down, admiring het looks. “You look amazing once again Gianna” and I gave her a hug. “Hi Mauro, your girl looks amazing tonight. And so do you man. Sharp outfit, compliments.” He looked at Gianna and both of them smiled at each other. Gianna said something in Italian to Mauro that I could not make out, he responded by shaking his head and saying ‘no’ and something Italian again. What were these two up to? First their jealousy of the four of us enjoying the partner switch, then them deciding to join the switch with us and now, every time somebody says ‘your girl’ or so they show that secretive thing between them. Something I was hoping to see explained later. “Oh, wait” said Mauro, “here is a bottle of our favourite wine Karl. Our thanks for your hospitality.” “Very kind of you guys, thanks Gianna, thanks Mauro.” Karl responded.

“Let’s go boys” Kate said when she and Lena came into the living room. “Oh hi Mauro” Lena said when she laid eyes on him, “are you ready for some fun?” “For you I’m always ready Lena” he responded as he gave her a kiss on her hand. “Wow, looks and a gentleman” Kate said, “You are a lucky girl Gianna.” Gianna looked at Mauro, he just quickly shook his head again and took Lena by her hand outside.

We were just in time indeed. As soon as we stepped into the big hall the band started playing their first notes. The place was already buzzing with life, filled with all the people that participated in the workshops and lots more that just had come for the parties. I had never seen so many people together in one place all dressed up fabulous and all having a great time. The six of us first danced with each other only, us boys made sure that we at least had a dance with our own girl and both girlfriends before we let someone else near.

I would have been ok with just dancing with our three girls for the entire evening, but that was not really what we had come for. As the evening moved forward we all found plenty others to dance with. I had an absolutely amazing slow dance with Yoko, the Japanese girl from our workshops, I danced to great up-tempo song with Eva, the fiery redhead from Rotterdam and many more girls that I had never met before.

As a guy in our dance world you never have to worry about finding anybody to dance with. Typically there are almost twice as many girls as boys, so the real worry is being able to find a break to get something to drink. Especially if you show self-confidence, if the girls can see your moves when you dance with someone else. But our girls had nothing to worry about either. At one point I was just starting a dance with a cute blonde girl from Denmark when I noticed Gianna and Kate nearby both being asked by two or three guys at the same time for that dance. Our girls were looking hot that evening and they all knew it, they enjoyed every minute of all the attention. Senja, the girl I danced with, noticed halfway through the dance that both Lena and Gianna were looking at me more than usual. It made her giggle a bit and she told me, “you seem to have some fans here.” Jokingly I answered, “these two have been stalking me all evening. Let’s get away from them and go for a drink after the dance ok.” Senja agreed, “yes, I would like that” she said. When the song ended I had already danced towards the bar a bit, so we just had to step off the dancefloor into the crowd.

We talked a bit about where we came from and what our communities back home were like. She was from Odense in the middle of Denmark. Just a small group of enthusiastic blues dancers there, but a nice one. For the bigger parties they typically went to Copenhagen, just a one-and-a-half-hour drive from her city. She had come with a group of four persons, one guy and three girls. Lucky guy, I had said, to which she replied, lucky girls, we are all single and finding a single guy who can properly dance and who wants to drive over a thousand kilometres with three giggling blondes all the way to Munich is not easy. I would say yes in a second, was my answer. I’m just not single, so my partner would have to fit in the car too, but I would most definitely say yes.

At that moment Lena had found me and she jumped on me and hugged me. If I did not know better we was trying to scare off the blonde competition. “Hey Rob. Can I have the next dance when you are free?”. “Yes sure Lena. This is Senja, from Denmark.” “Hi Lena” said Senja, “you must be Rob’s partner.” Lena smiled and responded, “no I am not, I’m just borrowing him for the weekend.” Right at that time Gianna found us too, she hooked her arm into mine and quickly leaned into me. “Hey, I’m Gianna” she said as she introduced herself to Senja. “Ah, nice to meet you, I’m Senja. Then you are Robs partner?” Now both Lena and Gianna giggled. “No” I said, “my partner is Kate. She is the one in the blue dress dancing with the guy in the white suit over there. I have no clue who these two girls are. They have been stalking me all evening” adding a big wink.

“Come hurry” Lena said, “I really like this song.” I quickly emptied my drink, gave Gianna a quick kiss on her cheek and moved with Lena onto the dancefloor. Leaving Senja confused and Gianna smiling all over.

This party, all these people having fun, all the girls I felt in my arms, this was heaven to me. The band was playing their last song before their second break. I was dancing with Gianna again, heaven had dark brown eyes and smelled like a flower in spring. “Take me home Rob, I want to dance alone with you.” Gianna’s voice was soft as she whispered in my ear. We did not wait until the song was done and left the room, we did not say a word.

Outside we hopped on the tram, one that would take us straight to the apartment. I held her in my arms all the way and gently touched her neck and caressed her face. I still heard the same music in my head, the city seemed to make way for us as I did not notice anybody else in the streets. Probably it was just my imagination. Both of us silent still.

I opened the door to the apartment and led Gianna inside. I took her coat and draped it together with mine over one of the kitchen chairs. Gianna took two glasses from the kitchen and the bottle of red wine that Mauro had given Karl earlier. “I’ll buy them a new bottle later, I need this one now. Here, go to the bedroom and poor us some wine Rob. I will get changed in the bathroom” and off she went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. What bedroom shall I pick? I thought to myself. Oh what the heck, I’ll take the master bedroom, it will be ok I’m sure, they won’t be home for hours. I quickly went back to the kitchen to find an opener, opened the bottle and then went back to the bedroom of Karl and Lena. There was a music set here which I turned softly on, I heard the sounds of soft mellow blues songs start over the speakers. The light switch had a setting to switch on the lights in a dimmed mode, just enough to see contours, not much more. I sat down on one of the chairs and took of my shoes. I poured the wine in the two glasses that I had put on the little table. A little bit of time passed and then I heard the bathroom door open.

“Rob?”, Gianna’s voice asked. “I’m here Gianna, in the big bedroom.” “Close your eyes please.” I heard her footsteps softly as she entered the room. Her hands found my shoulders as she sat down sideways on my lap. ”Keep your eyes closed and your hands down please” Gianna said. I felt her body against mine, the warmth of her breast through my shirt. She put her head in my neck and started kissing me there. My hand found the bare skin of her leg. “Just my leg Rob, not further, not yet. And keep your eyes closed.” She started to unbutton my shirt, her hand found my chest and explored every inch. Her touch was soft, her hands small and gentle. She kissed me on my cheek, nibbled at my ear. Her hand went down and touched me on my belly just above the edge of my pants, slowly teasing me, all the way from one side to the other. She kissed me on my mouth and engaged me in a long passionate kiss. Her hand started to undo my pants. “Don’t move your hands.” she repeated. My shirt was fully opened now. Her hand went inside my pants and found me. Gently, with slow long motions she started stroking me, up, down, up. Kissing me more and more intensely.

Slowly she started to make her way down, kissing me on my collar bones, on my chest, on my belly. My pants soon disappeared. There I was, only my shirt still on, naked. My eyes still closed as she requested. I was hard, very hard. Both her hands now stroking me, slowly, but firm. I felt her tongue, her lips, her hands moved down to make way for her …. mouth. One hand firmly grabbed me below, the other tightly around the base, her mouth, warm, wet, slowly moving up and down. Blues songs in the background. This felt wonderful. Minutes of this intensity went by before she kissed her way up again. I felt her standing up, then straddling over my legs. Her hands took hold of mine and placed them on her hips. Her own hands now on my shoulders. “You can open your eyes now Rob” she said with a soft bedroom voice.

The first thing I saw were her brown eyes, staring deep into mine, a big naughty smile on her mouth. She had put on the little black lingerie set that we bought earlier. Black nylons, garter belt, almost transparent panties, a little bra that presented her soft breasts and a see-through black negligée over it all. I felt a rush of excitement shoot through my entire body. “Wow, you are gorgeous” I said. She smiled and turned her face down but kept looking into my eyes. Her hands took hold of my excitement again. “I want to play” she said. I let my hands slide on her back, under her negligée and pulled her gently towards me. One hand in her neck, bringing her mouth to mine for another kiss. My hard one now pushing against her wet panties. I could feel the warmth and the wetness. “Come, let’s find the bed” she said, she stood up and gestured me to get out of the chair. She climbed into the bed, laid down on her back and opened her arms wide, “come, I want you in me”. I climbed onto the bed myself and put myself on top of her, keeping my weight on my own arms, almost doing wat she asked as my hard erection pushed against her panties. She let a little moan escape from her mouth, “hmmmm, yes, that is what I want”. But I wanted to play a little first, so I took hold of her wrists, put them above her head, held them with one hand and told her “keep them there, no matter what happens next. Now you close your eyes.” My other hand touched her mouth, and slowly moved down her neck, finding her soft breasts. I tickled her with one finger slowly over her skin. I let go of her hands but reminded her to keep them there, or else. “HmmHmm” was her response.

I moved down and gently bit one of her nipples through her bra, her breathing became deep and intense. I kissed my way even further down now, over her belly, stopping just above the edge of her panties. She was trying to hold her breath, I could feel her tense up in anticipation. “Relax” I said, “I will not go further until you ..” at that moment I touched her wet lips through her little panties with just the tip of my finger. She almost exploded right there and then. The build-up of anticipation seemed to have been too much almost. I responded by grabbing and massaging her firmly, while I let my other hand slide up her waist to find the side of her breast. She was really going wild. “Yes, yes, take me” she repeated. “Be patient Gianna, be patient” I said. I pulled myself up a placed myself to her side. My right hand still having hold of her down there firmly. I kissed her on her mouth and used my left hand to ease her breasts out of her bra, allowing me to lick the closest one and to squeeze the nipple of the other one. My right hand now went into her panties, she let out another moan “mmmmm”. “Yeah yeah yeah…” impatiently escaped from her mouth. My two middle fingers explored her, she was very wet, making it easy for me to …. quickly put them deep in her and pleasure her wildly. Her response was immediate, she stretched every muscle in her body, opened her mouth widely and froze her breath. I had her exactly where I wanted, under my control.

I had triggered her inner animal, suddenly she turned around and took off the garter belt and her panties. She pushed me on my back, climbed on top of me, further up, until she could put her knees next to my head. She looked me directly in my eyes and asked, “Will you please … eat me?” And she lowered herself onto my mouth. I enjoyed her taste and let my tongue do the work, every now and then biting her lips and her little trigger. She leant back a bit, grabbed my rock hard one and started stroking me while holding a very firm grip. Her other hand on my head, pulling me softly but tightly against her. I had my eyes closed so I could use my senses best for the other stimuli.

Then suddenly she stopped stroking me, her hand let go, I felt a tongue going over my tip. A second later a soft wet mouth took me deep inside it, quite firm, then it relaxed, and I felt a tongue all over. Gianna was still on top of my mouth. I opened my eyes, but I couldn’t tell if it was Lena or Kate pleasuring me, Gianna still squeezed me tightly between her legs, I could not move my head to see who was behind her. This was great, two girls, just for me. It went on for minutes just like this, wonderful. Then Gianna got up and let herself fall on the bed beside me, allowing me to see that it was indeed Kate, now smiling up at me while she continued to do her thing on me. Gianna started to kiss me in my neck again. She was intrigued by the sight of me being pleasured by Kate while she was also there. She whispered in my ear, “I have never been like this. Not with three. I have never been with another girl either.” Right at that moment Kate, she must have seen what Gianna was whispering, put her hand on Gianna’s leg, quite high up. I could feel Gianna freeze up. “Relax” said Kate, “it will be ok. Just enjoy the feeling.” Slowly she let her hand slide up, so her fingers now touched Gianna’s lips. Gianna’s breathing became very irregular, as if every move she made would intensify the touch she felt below. Kate climbed further onto the bed and laid down behind Gianna, so we had her between us. Kate played Gianna with her fingers, while I started kissing her and gently caressed her breasts. “Take my bra off please. I want to feel your hands all over.” “Ok, but keep your eyes closed. It will make all feelings more intense.” I had seen Karl in the doorway, he was clearly enjoying the view as Kate and I could see by his hard one. I looked at Kate, pointed at Karl and gestured him to come over and go down on Gianna. Kate and I each took one of Gianna’s legs and opened her wide, she moaned in anticipation. “Keep your eyes closed” I repeated. I let my fingers slide between her lips for a few seconds, then signalled Kate to do the same. Gianna could feel the difference and she let a deep breath escape her mouth while she turned her head towards Kate. “Keep your eyes closed” repeated Kate. “Mhhh” was the only sound that Gianna could make at this point. Kate removed her fingers and both of us kept absolutely still for a few seconds. Gianna’s breathing became very erratic as she waited wat was going to be done to her now. Then Karl put his tongue down on her, licking her in one strong motion from down to up. At the same time Kate and I both pinched one of her nipples. She could not contain herself and let out a little scream. Kate had her face close to Gianna’s and said, “I’m going to kiss you now. Is that ok?” Gianna just nodded and quietly tried to say “yes” but she did not manage to make any sound, it was too intense. We pleasured her for many minutes just like this.

Then Karl stopped licking Gianna and moved over to Kate. “Your turn now. Open your legs for me.” Gianna moved her legs away, making room for Kate to spread hers. She looked at me and said, “come inside me now please”. I did wat she asked and got on top of her, slowly putting myself in position to go inside her. Gianna turned her head and started kissing Kate again, “I want more of this too” she said. At the moment Gianna’s lips touched Kate’s, Karl started licking Kate and I slid inside Gianna. Both girls froze in that kiss for a second, with their lips touching and their eyes staring deep into each other’s.

What an experience. I was inside a little Italian goddess, moving in and out, my Kate kissing her just centimetres away from my face and our friend licking my Kate. This was a great weekend indeed.

We went on and tried everything that we wanted, in all combinations. Karl climbed up on the bed and put himself in Kate, thrusting in her deep and hard. I kneeled next to Kate’s head to let her lick me while Gianna was licking Kate’s breasts. Karl and I laid down on our backs while Gianna sat on top of me and Kate on top of him, both girls leaning to each other to kiss and kiss more. “Shall we swap?” said Kate to Gianna. The next moment Kate was Riding me, and Gianna was going crazy on top of Karl. Later on Karl and I did the swap too when the girls were lying down next to each other.

Quite some time later we had started to get tired and were just laying still on the bed. “Wow” Gianna said, “wow. This is the best fuck ever.” The three of us laughed just because of how she said it. For a few minutes it stayed quiet, then Kate said, “there is one thing I have never done before but always fantasized about. I want to try that now.” Then she hesitated. “What do you want Kate? You can ask anything” Karl said. “Well … I think that Rob will be ok with it, but I do not know if you will be Karl.” “Don’t worry about that Kate, just ask.” Gianna had her eyes closed and was clearly tired and satisfied. “I want you both in my mouth at the same time.” Gianna’s eyes shot wide open. A big smile grew on her face. “I want that too, yes, yes …. please, please boys?” I looked at Karl to see his response, he looked straight at me and said “yes, sure, I am ok with that”. We changed our positions on the bed so that my legs were besides Karl’s body and his were besides mine. Our hard erections, neither of us had come yet, were touching each other. “May I Karl?” I asked and he said “ok, if I can feel too.” I grabbed both of us and squeezed us closer, slowing stroking myself and Karl in one movement. This felt ok, the first time in my life I had done this, but it was not weird. Kate and Gianna had positioned themselves to our sides with their heads close to our laps. Teasingly Kate stuck out her tongue, Gianna copied her. I pushed Karl’s against Kate’s lips and mine against Gianna’s. “No boys, that is not what I want” Kate said. She took hold of us both, squeezed us together and took the both of us in her mouth. Or she tried to at least. The combination was a bit too much actually. Gianna tried next and had the same experience, but that did not really matter. All four of us clearly enjoyed every second. The girls went on and played with the both of us.

“I want you to come and finish inside me deep and hard Rob” Gianna said. “Take me now please.” She moved on the bed and laid down on her back. “I want you to do the same inside me Karl” Kate said. “The one that finishes first gets a wakeup surprise in the morning. Karl and I looked at each other and we both got on top of the girls. I moved onto my knees, put myself inside of Gianna, pulled her hips as close as I could and started thrusting inside her. Karl did the same with Kate. It only took a few minutes before Kate started to scream “Yes, yes, yes, I’m coming, I’m ….” I could feel Gianna starting to squeeze me tightly. Moments later all four of us came at almost the same moment and each of us let out a scream of climaxing.

I could only manage to do one more thing at that moment, I let myself fall forward half on top of Gianna, I was knock out. All four of us were. Our breathing was heavy and intense as if we had just performed an hour-long intense dance. We needed a few minutes to catch our breaths, but eventually all became quiet.

At that moment we started to hear screams from the other bedroom, “yes, yes, yes, harder, deeper, yes, yes, I’m, I’m, I’m ….. ahhhhhhhhh ….. yessssss”. All four of us smiled. Karl said, “Lena is having a great time too I hear.” Then Gianna surprised us all when she said, “Yes, very good little brother. You have made Lena happy.”

“Brother?? What do you mean? Mauro is your brother” Kate asked, “we thought …..” “Yes, I am his sister, we are twins, he is ten minutes younger, so I always tease him and call him ‘little’ brother.” “Ahhh, that is why you guys had that little secretive grin every time. We all thought you were a couple.” “Yes, we let people think that on purpose. That way they tend to leave us in peace more.”

“This is too much for me” Kate said. “I can’t even think straight anymore. I want to sleep now.” “Yes me too” said Gianna, “I’m so tired from all the dancing.” Even laughing was too much at this point. All of us needed some real rest now. “So how are we going to do this? We only have two beds and there are six of us” Karl stated. “I’m not moving a muscle said Gianna. I can barely get my legs together.” “I will go and join them” said Kate, “you two boys have already played with all the girls, but I haven’t had any time with Mauro yet. I’m going to check if Lena has left some of him for me.” She gave all three of us a nice long kiss and left for the other bedroom. “Behave boys, give the girl the rest she needs.” She said as she quickly poked her head back around the corner.


The light coming in through the bedroom window was already pretty bright when I woke up from the noises coming from the other bedroom. I needed a minute to realize who, what, where. Besides me on the bed lay Gianna and on her other side Karl. Both of also waking up from the same sounds. “Mauro is getting lucky again” Gianna said with a voice that was breaking up slightly. She was not awake enough yet. “Kate ‘and’ Lena eh! I think we are lucky too Rob. Just look at the beauty lying between us.” Gianna was still too tired to even blush.

She was lying on her side away from me facing Karl. He turned a little bit and started to kiss her softly. I noticed that he had put his hands on her legs while the three of us were still under the sheets together. I had one hand above me on the pillow and was lying directly against Gianna’s back. My other hand gently squeezed the soft cheeks of her butt. This feels nice, I thought to myself. Let me see if this one is in the mood for some wake-up sex. Slowly I made my way to the inside of her legs. She invited me to explore more by lifting her top leg a bit so I could put my hand between her legs. She was in the mood. I worked my way up and felt that she was already wet. I tried to move my lower body a bit so I could let my hard erection touch her lips below, but I could not quite find the right angle for it yet. I was close. Then I noticed that Gianna’s arm started making stroking motions. Gianna said, “do you like this Karl?” “Hmmm” he responded and moved his arm. Suddenly I felt his hand touch me and Gianna below, for a second it froze, pausing as if it did not know what to do next, then Karl took a firm hold and slowly began to stroke me. Gianna noticed what was happening and said, “hmmm, way to go boys.” This was a first for me, by another man. It excited me, I had not expected that. “It’s my turn now Rob” he said. A minute or so went by, Gianna was enjoying this as she let us know several times, “hmm yes, make them hard boys. I want both of you in me.” She really was a little devil.

A minute later I was on my back, inside Gianna who was sitting on me with her back towards me. She started to ride me slowly, my hands on her hips helping her up and down. Karl got up on his feet so Gianna could take him in her mouth. This was exciting. Minutes went by, then Gianna said, come inside me too Karl. She stopped moving and leant back as far as she could but turning her hips so that she did not lose me. Karl sat down on his knees between my and Gianna’s legs, I waited for what would follow. Then I felt him, his hard erection was touching mine just as the night before. Slowly he moved up and tried to get inside Gianna, I felt him slide up, Gianna cringed as he pushed against her. “Yes, yes, come” she said. Karl pushed a bit harder. “Slowly, slowly …” he started to get in. Then Gianna suddenly said, “no, no, stop, stop, it doesn’t work.” Karl eased back. “You boys are just too big for me.”

Gianna got of me and laid down on the bed next to me, “come Karl” she said and opened her arms. Karl got on top of and inside her. I was lying on my side, watching them having glorious sex from just inches away. Gianna turned her head and looked me deep in my eyes. “Harder Karl” she said, but she kept looking right at me. “Harder.” In noticed Karl’s body started to shine with sweat, this was intense. Gianna squeezed her eyes, “I’m, I’m, yes, yes”. She opened her eyes wide, her mouth wide open now. At that moment Karl shouted, “Yessssss” and he collapsed, half on Gianna, half to her side. “Way to go big sister” sounded Mauro’s voice from the doorway, next to him Lena and Kate, all three completely naked. “Sister???” Lena and Kate said at the exact same time. I heard Karl’s muffled laugh as he lay face first on one of the pillows, Gianna and I both laughing now too. Lena and Kate still frozen in the doorway. “Yes” Mauro said, “we are twins, but Gianna is minutes older.”

“You, you, … you two are terrible” Lena said. “All the time you had us believing you were a couple.” “We never said we were” Mauro replied.

“I’m going to shower now” said Kate. “So am I” added Lena. “We will all shower. Right Karl?” I said. Karl just lifted his arm and gave us a thumbs up. “Oh my Gianna, you have broken him” Lena said. Kate, Lena and I burst out laughing, Karl too, but still with his face in the pillow we just heard muffled sounds. Mauro’s face was one big question mark. Gianna was still knock out.

This morning nothing much happened in the shower, we were all just too tired. Must have been all the dancing last night. We washed, shaved, put on some towels and went into the kitchen for a bit of brunch. It was around eleven in the morning already. “We have three hours until our workshops start” Lena said, “we can take it easy.”

“Can we stay here tonight too Lena?” Gianna asked. “Absolutely. Shall we both get into some easy clothes quickly? So we can get your stuff from the hotel? I’ll give you some of mine.” Gianna looked puzzled for a second. “Ow, yes, that’s right. I only have yesterday evening’s dress here.”

An hour later both girls left for the hotel, “we’ll be back as quick as we can. You guys get dressed for the workshops now.” Gianna said as she closed the door behind her. “So Kate, it’s just you and three boys now. Do you think you can handle us?” I said. “Ow shut up Rob, neither of you three can bring it up anymore anyway.” Karl, Mauro and I looked at each other and all three down at our own laps, “she’s right” Mauro said, “I need to refuel with some dances first.” One by one we left for the bedrooms and got into some easy clothes for the workshops. Easy but still with class of course. “I hope the girls hurry back” Mauro said, “I would not want to dance in yesterday’s clothes.” “Or just wearing a few towels” Karl joked, “that would be a first”. “Yeah and a last” I added.

When Lena and Gianna came back Mauro quickly got dressed and we all left for the workshops. We were not going to be late, but some extra time to meet up with our other friends was always nice.

At the training hall we quickly found our other friends indeed, most of them appeared to be well rested, having had a good night’s sleep. But some of them, looked more tired they should have been that time of day. Probably from dancing, partying late in the dance hall, or from other activities in their hotels, much like what we had been up to. Too bad that it’s never possible to easily see what someone is open to from the outside, to actually see how they partied. The world would be a lot more fun.

I just wish that my head had been a little bit clearer at the workshops, I was still a bit drunk on Gianna and Kate and could not focus on the teachers as good as I would have liked. But classes were great anyway. Once again the teachers had prepared very challenging workshops, one focussed on swapping, where the followers would lead, but still from their normal position, the other gave us extra moves that appeared to be simple at first, but all had a funny twist to them. Guess who was once again mastering those in no time. Yep, Mauro. Somehow he had gained more energy from last night’s activities than he had spent. I’m so jealous.

In between the two workshops we had a little break at which the six of us started talking with two other couples, Jenny and Jason from England and Paula with Armando from Spain. They had noticed something about us that they just were dying to get explained. “Can you help us get something clear? “Jenny asked us, “the four of us have been friends for a few years, very good friends that share one hotel room even. We have noticed that the six of you are quite close and … how should I say this … you guys appear to have an exciting ‘mix’ going on between the six of you. We can’t quite work out who with who, but you guys are colouring outside the lines right?” We all six were a bit stunned by this very ‘direct’ question. Kate said just that, “you are quite direct for somebody from the UK”. “Oh, I grew up in The Netherlands” said Jenny. “Ah, that explains it” I said. “I recognized it. And the light accent.” “So? Are we right?” Jenny repeated. Then Lena stepped in “yes, we do have a mix going on indeed. That is why we are already tired. We have been playing naughty games all night.” “Wonderful” said Paula, “we four have been mixing too since Friday. We like workshops with benefits.” All of us smiled when she said that. “Maybe the six of you can join us one day? Say at the Blues festival in Birmingham this fall?” Right at that time the teachers called out to join them on the dance floor, time for the next workshop to start. “Great plan Paula. Let’s exchange contact details after the workshop” I quickly managed to get in before we spread out.

During the workshop we rotated as usual, I danced with both Paula and Jenny as had we done in the workshop before the break. The only difference this time was that both girls were not holding back anymore after our mutual confessions. Jenny cuddled up extra close to me and said, “I can already see myself having fun with you Rob.” Paula was no less naughty, “I would really like to play with your Kate and you. Would you like that too?”. What is it with Blues dancing and these weekend long workshops? Is it the music that makes everybody horny?

After the workshop ended we met up with our four new friends and agreed to go for a quick dinner. “Challenge accepted” Karl said, “one table for ten. I know just the place, everybody ok with Chinese food?” Just two streets away was a nice Chinese restaurant, where we were lucky enough to find a table right away. Or better, where the owner was more than happy to rearrange some tables quickly to be of service to us. We decided to start a ten person mix right away, “nobody sits next to, or opposite from his or her own partner. That’s my one rule.” I said. Of course I asked Paula to sit opposite the table from me, she was pretty and had similar looks as Gianna, Mediterranean. A bit confusing at first for the new friends, but all of us we happy to follow this rule, it felt a bit like speed dating but without the pressure of wanting to find a soul mate. Jenny was close to Karl and Mauro, while Kate, Lena an even Gianna were all over Jason an Armando. We all exchanged telephone numbers with each other so we could app at a later date for weekend events. Dinner was simple but good, quick on the table, well presented and tasting delicious. We were ready with plenty of time to spare to go back to the apartment for our last change. Our four new friends had their hotel at the other side of town, so we just agreed to find each other at the party later. They were not going to make it too late they said, as both couples had to catch flights back home around lunchtime tomorrow, Monday. The four of us had come by car and just needed to get driving back home around noon-ish to be there in the evening. So we could get away with a repeat of yesterday if that’s what we all wanted. Or we could just party all night until we all dropped, all was still open.

On the tram ride back we all four were a little bit more quiet than usual. Perhaps full with dinner, tired from all the workshops, parties and other activities. Or just quiet because we all were imagining a future workshop in England. “Come on guys, just one more party, we can do this” Mauro said with a big grin on his face. It was so out of style for him that it made us all laugh. “You can do me again if you want Mauro” Lena replied. “He has to wait his turn Lena. I want to do you first” Gianna said. “No way, I want to do you Lena” Kate added. Us three guys looked at each other and Karl said, “hey wait up girls. If you three are going to play with each other, what should we do?” “Oh don’t be such a stereotype” Kate said, “you three can have the other bed to play in.” That is my Kate, I thought to myself, always teasing and never shy as it comes to ‘experimenting’. Now, I can honestly state that I am bi-curious enough to see myself having sex with girls and men together at the same time, but just three guys? Oh, why the hell not.

In the apartment all six of us quickly changed into our evening outfits, in just one hour we were ready again to take the tram back. “We can skip the dance party and go straight for the bedroom party! So we can take it slow and gentle” I tried to argument. “No way” the girls added, “we want to dance first. Maybe we can find more boy toys to tease” said Lena. “You’re right” I said, “maybe I can have a little private party there with Paula or Jenny. Or maybe with Gina even.” “Gina? Who is Gina?” Mauro asked. “Hands off Mauro. Gina is mine.” “She is the cute one from Antwerp” Kate said. “How do you know who Gina is Kate?” “I danced with her too on Friday Rob, when you were too busy heading for the balcony with Gianna. I swing both ways remember?”

“Four days of partying in a row, are we crazy or are we?” Karl said. “Yes we are, but it’s good kind of crazy” Lena pitched in. “Come, let’s go”.

The party was a lot smaller than Saturday’s party. Already from the start. Most ‘normal’ people will party on Friday and Saturday only. Only die-hards will do all four of them, those that suffer from FOMO the most, the fear of missing out. Something that both Kate and I most definitely suffer from. It’s hard enough back home when there are two or more parties in the area at the same time, but here, in wonderful Munich, where we got all the extras, staying away from a party most definitely was not an option.

“Hey gorgeous, want to dance?” I heard Eva’s voice say as soon as I came in. I turned around, “of course Eva, with you always. I cannot say no to that pickup line ever.” The same happened to Karl and Mauro, within minutes after coming in they were dancing to the great music that once again filled the dance hall. Halfway the dance I quickly tried to find our girls, see if they had fallen into good hands too. But honestly, Eva was too cute and good looking. I preferred to enjoy her and the dance. They girls would be ok.

I danced two songs in a row with Eva and then took her to the bar to have a drink with me. “So who are you with Eva? You did not come all the way from Rotterdam alone right?” She said that she had come with three others from her scene. New dancers that has just migrated in from Japan and the USA. “Is one of them Yoko? I asked, “No, Shensi and Tugo from Japan and Dave from the USA” Eva said. She pointed them out on the dancefloor. I did not remember having danced with Shensi yet. “I will ask her later for a dance. She looks like she’s enjoying this.” We talked for a few minutes about dancing and parties in Rotterdam, how they were also great, but not as massive and fun as here in Munich. “It is the mix of all the nationalities here that makes it special” Eva said. “In our city we just get international students. Here you get people from all over the world. I met a couple from Australia even.” And she went on talking passionately about everything Blues, people, traveling, making new friends. I took my time admiring her red beauty as her eyes lit up while she talked and talked. I could see myself having fun with her in a different way. I have never been with a red head. I’m sure she is a real red. Great body. My daydreaming was too obvious. “Are you checking me out Rob?” “Huh, what? Oh sorry Eva. Yes I was. I was admiring you.” I did not know before, but red heads can blush too. “You’re cute Rob. You do know that I’m, euhh, into girls right?” “Ah, that is why we only ever get this brother sister feeling then!” I replied. Eva’s turn to say “huh?”. I explained that I thought she was hot, but for some reason flirting between us never took off. “I do boys too” Eva said, “but only together with their girls. I don’t think that Kate would …. ” She stopped when she saw me starting to smile big, “what?” She looked at me with a puzzled smile, so I told her “Kate swings both ways you know. As do I on occasion.” “She does, really? And you do too? I would never have guessed. We should meet up in Rotterdam some time go to a dance, maybe have dinner, who knows. You just might get lucky and find out if I’m a real red head.” I knew it! This one was a mind reader. It most definitely is the Blues that is causing all this behaviour. Everybody was tipsy from all the close body contact, pheromones and dancing to good music.

“Can I have this dance Rob?” I heard as I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Hey Gina, sure.” I looked at Eva, but she just quickly nodded and said, “go for it gorgeous, she’s a cute one.” “This is Eva from Rotterdam” I quickly said to Gina and “this is Gina from Antwerp” to Eva. Both girls just gave each other a quick smile and a quick wave, they must have noticed I was a little off my game this evening, rushing from one girl to another.

“So how is your weekend going Gina? Did you enjoy your workshops?” “Classes were wonderful Rob, I learned so much. And the city is wonderful too, so much stuff to see here.” She had the prettiest voice, or maybe it was that Belgian accent? Or maybe it was just me again getting drunk on girls. “Will you buy me a drink too after the next song?” “I will be glad to Gina.” “Great” she said, “I would like to chat a bit, get to know each other, but I also love to just listen to the music while dancing. So let’s just dance first ok?” “Then we will just talk with our bodies and our eyes” I said to her. She just smiled back at me.

After two songs we got to talk a bit at the bar. Gina was single and had come here with a girlfriend. They stayed, like us, with fellow dancer hosts. Helps keep the costs acceptable she had said. “Are your hosts fun to be with?” I asked. “Yes they are great. Michael and Rowan, a gay couple. They had just moved to Munich but were already hooked on Blues dancing before they came over from Berlin where they had lived before the move. “If I ever wanted to go to Berlin they could give me all the little details of places to visit and so.” “I have never been there either. From what I hear a great community over there. Big too. Who knows, maybe one day.”

“I have never seen you in Antwerp Rob. How come?” she asked. “Ow I have been there several times over the past few years. We must have just missed each other every time or just not recognized one another, I did not have a beard until recently.” “You look handsome with the beard” she interrupted me and blushed a little at the same time. “You are a pretty girl Gina. I like your eyes and I love your voice.” Surprised she looked at me “My voice? That’s the first time ever that someone says they like my voice. You’re funny.” “Damn, I wasn’t going for funny. More hoping for charming.”

“You are with Kate right?” she asked. Sometimes I get the feeling that there is a ‘property off’ label somewhere on my back. Either that or after four days of partying people have picked up some details here and there. “Yep, Kate is my girl, I’m her guy. But how did you know?” She smiled when she gave her answer. “Honestly, I made a mistake earlier. I was talking with Gianna and told her that her guy appeared to have a lot of fun with the red head. When she saw it was you she laughed and explained that you are with Kate. You guys could have fooled me.” I replied, “then it’s a good thing you were not here on Thursday.” “Why not?” “I was doing Lena on Thursday.” “Doing?” she was seriously confused now. I continued to explain the setup that we had, three couples that recently met and had been sharing … ‘fun’ in the weekend together. She did not quite know what to make of it.

“You should come to Antwerp more often. It’s great fun over there.” Gina said. “Yes I know, it’s just the distance from home that puts us off a bit. We typically don’t want to leave a party before the music stops, so we’re always home extremely late. That and the difficult parking all over town.” She quickly turned her head where Kate was just dancing by and throwing a little hand kiss at me. “You guys can stay at my place if you want. I live in the centre of Antwerp and the trams run late enough to always bring me home quickly after the parties.” She had a little bit of a rushed voice. As if she had wanted to say it before she could get enough time to think about the offer herself. My mind already in her place, exploring the possibilities. ho ho, slow down tiger, I thought to myself. This girl is not making a pass at you. “Who knows what could happen!” she added. “Come let’s do another dance.” And she pulled me back onto the dancefloor.

Ten minutes later I was dancing with Lena again. “Still no sign of our four new friends” she said, “have you seen them?” Right at that moment I saw Jenny and Paula dancing together at the other side of the dancefloor. “There are the girls, I guess they just came in, the guys must be close.” “Yep I see them” Lena said, “I’m going to say hi ok?” “Of course, let’s go meet up”.

Jason and Armando saw us approaching, I could just notice them exchanging a quick remark. One that was most definitely about us by the way they were looking. “Hey guys, how are you?” I said. “Hey Rob, we’re great. So you guys have coupled for this evening?” Jason said. Lena and I looked a bit surprised at each other. “Huh, why do you think that?” “Well, with the matching outfits.” Lena and I looked at each other in surprise. “Damn, he’s right!” Only then we realized that Lena’s dress and my shirt were matching colours, and my pants and her belt and earrings too. “Nope, pure coincidence. In fact the girls have already informed us that the afterparty will be a girls-only event later tonight. No point in trying to couple up this evening.” “Ouch, that is harsh.” Jason replied. “Yep, but you’re not borrowing our girls either.” Armando added. I turned around so I could see the girls on the dance floor and then said to the guys, “by the looks of it, you two have lost too, Jenny and Paula appear to be doing just fine by themselves.” “Then we just have to try our luck somewhere else right? I’m going after the red head over there.” Jason said as I saw him hurry towards Eva. I couldn’t help smiling and thought to myself ‘good luck with that one, maybe if you take Jenny along you’ll have a chance’. A second later Armando had asked Lena for a dance, leaving me by myself. I could use a little break.

“Hey Rob” Oh my, no rest for the wicked, or was it weary? I thought to myself. I turned around and saw a pretty Japanese girl stare at me from just a few inches away. “I’m Shensi, Eva’s friend.” she said as she pointed to the other side of the dancefloor. I saw Eva waving at us and giving a thumbs up. “Do you want to dance with me?” “It would be my honour to dance with you Shensi” I replied. She giggled with that typical Japanese high-pitched sound. “You are funny” she said. I wasn’t going for funny I thought to myself. That’s the second time this weekend that I get that. Must be something in the food.

When we started dancing Shensi completely surprised me. I had never thought that a Japanese girl could ‘let go’ like this and be completely absorbed by the blues. I did notice that she had not been dancing blues very long, here and there I felt little bits of hesitation when it came to the more complex footwork, but I also felt that she was most definitely a natural, she followed like a dream and moved with my slightest hints. I had noticed the same before when I danced with Yoko earlier this weekend, but Shensi was different, a real natural. If only she had Yoko’s looks, Gina’s voice, … now don’t get greedy Rob, you already have your hands full this weekend. My second voice in my head slapped on the brakes, it was right.

The dance felt so good that I could not help getting greedy just a bit. I asked her for a second dance and then a third. Apparently she felt our connection too, because every time she answered, ‘yes please, I would love to dance more with you’. Her body started to feel more and more great in my hands, I was feeling her warmth intensely. Probably the Asian pheromones were starting to confuse me.

When the third dance was over I thanked her and she thanked me, to my surprise really adding a little Japanese bow. “It was wonderful Rob, thank you very much for the very very nice and cool dances.” With a shy and timid look on her face. It just did not make sense. Shy and Blues. Those two just don’t mix. With an elegant turn she moved away to go back to her little group across the room. “I will find you in Rotterdam sometime soon Shensi.”

I could see Eva’s big smile when Shensi walked up to her. She too seemed to have noticed that the Blues chemistry between us had something special. Yep, I’m most definitely going to be dancing in Rotterdam more.

Shensi had distracted me. Where was I going again? Ah right, Paula and Jenny. Where were they? I found both of them with almost empty glasses stand near the bar, good, they are mine now! I hurried over and asked them, “are you two done playing with each other? Can I interest you in a bit of man for a dance?” Jenny looked at Paula and then back at me, “we have a winner. This is the best pick-up line I have heard all weekend.” “Too bad nobody has invented a three-person blues dance yet Jenny” said Paula, “we could both have fun with this one now.” “You take him first Paula, I see his buddy Karl is free now too, he looks like he has recovered nicely.” And she threw in a big wink.

Paula did not waste any time to make her intentions clear. She rushed me onto the dancefloor and climbed right in me at the first few notes of the next song. “I saw you dancing with that Japanese girl just now. I want to have some of that good stuff now too” she said. “If you pull out all the stops, you just might get lucky even.” As she looked at me and bit her lower lip. This one is really on fire I thought, she does look like she is going to explode soon. A cute Spanish girl on the outside, but with a hidden temperament. What could possibly go wrong?

This was one of those slow Blues songs, nice and long. Paula was very intense, holding me just a bit tighter than a girl should do. With her face close to my ear she let out little moans every now and then. “Hmmm, yes. You’re turning me on.” And more stuff like that. I forgot all about everything else. I just heard the music and felt Paula. “I want this now” she said, and she pushed her upper leg softly against my groin. She saw me gasp for a little breath of extra air. Wow, she is not wasting time making her desires clear. “Come, let’s find a quiet place.” And she softly pulled me away from the dancefloor. She led me upstairs, we walked past the balcony, through a small corridor, into a small office room that had a big couch in it. “How did you know this room was here?” I started to ask, but she was already starting to undo my trousers. At that moment Jenny stepped into the room too and locked the door behind her. I had no time to think about anything. Seconds later she was helping Paula to get my pants down and my shoes off. The girls pushed me towards the couch and made me sit down on it, naked from the waist down. “Spread your legs Rob” Jenny said as both of them got on their knees between my legs. Their hands directly grabbing me and squeezing me, they were not wasting any time. Not a minute later I saw and felt these two girls go down on me as if they hadn’t had sex in a year.  “Hmmm, he tastes just as nice as Karl” Paula said. “Yep, I wonder if we can make him come just as fast” said Jenny. Wait, what? But before I could start to ask questions Paula had me full in her mouth, going full speed and full intensity. Jenny lifted her dress and took off her panties under it. She climbed on the couch and brought her parts close to my mouth. “Come on Rob. Make me crazy” she said, as she now slowly pushed herself against my lips. She smelled really nice, so I did what she requested and started licking her. Paula down there, Jenny up here, this was intense. With my left hand on the back of Paula’s head she let me drive her wonderful mouth-work really hard. My right hand on Jenny’s side trying to steer her so that I could keep my eyes closed but still not lose her lips and trigger for a fraction of a second. The surprise effect was immense. I felt myself quickly going towards a climax, so I stopped the girls and said “I will come soon if you keep pushing me like this. Too soon.” “Nonsense” Jenny said, there is no ‘too soon’ today. Paula stopped blowing me, but before I could see what she was doing I felt myself slide in her. She started riding me with her hands in my sides. “This one comes inside me Jenny. You had the other one. Faster, faster.” There was no stopping these two, not now. Before I could think about what was happening, before I could start to understand where we were and how this started, I felt my body rush towards a climax. “He is going to come Paula, I can feel it” said Jenny. Paula responded by squeezing me tightly with me inside her. That was just the little bit extra, I came hard and long inside Paula, deep in her, I felt her grip on me, almost stronger than what I felt before when she used her hands. My mouth was locked on to Jenny, I had her lips, her trigger firmly between my lips with just the edge of my teeth biting in her. She let out a slow, almost silent scream, while she pushed my head harder and harder against her parts. Seconds later I could not control a single muscle anymore, I went completely stiff and could no longer keep my eyes open, no matter how hard I tried. These girls knew very well how to double-up on a guy.  I am sure they have had a lot of practice with that on Jason and Armando. Maybe, probably even with several others. I was sure that this was their ‘thing’.

They let me relax for a few minutes while they slowly let go of their grip on me. Both of them kneeling down on the couch at both sides of me. Jenny whispered in my ear, “If you want this again, in slow motion replay, you should really come to our fall festival Rob. We promise you will take more time before we ruin you.” I looked at her, then at Paula, but all I could get out was a little nod. I still had not caught my breath. “Come, let’s go back to the rest of the party” Paula said as she jumped up. Where did she get the energy from? Both of them put everything back on and straightened their dresses. I struggled getting my briefs and pants back on, but managed. They helped me clear up my looks a bit, but I felt that whatever they could do, my face would clearly show that just-had-mind-blowing-sex-grin for many minutes to come. I was high.

Back downstairs in the dance hall we first saw Karl approaching us. He had seen us come down the stairs. He looked me in the eye and said “you too eh? These two are on fire. Man was that intense.” I was still too far out, he noticed I still had not come down from my high. “Come here man” and he gave me a big brotherly support hug. Both girls left us and went back onto the dancefloor, as if nothing had happened. I could see them finding their guys, grabbing them for the next dance.

At that moment Mauro joined us. “What happened to you Rob? Are you ok? You look exhausted!” Karl looked me straight in my eyes and then turned to Mauro, “Jenny and Paula happened to him. Upstairs on a couch in a little office.” “Ahhh, way to go Rob. You couldn’t wait until the next festival eh?” Karl went on to reply, “no, it was them, we are innocent.” “We?” Mauro asked, “you were there too?” “No, they did me earlier in the evening.”

“Has either of you seen our own girls? I cannot find them anywhere” Mauro asked. Karl looked at me and said, “phone.” “Phone” I replied. Mauro looked puzzled at us. We pulled out our phones and both said, “yep.” “Kate texted me forty minutes ago, ‘girls only boys, sorry’.” “Indeed” Karl added, “mine has almost sent the same text, “girl-girl-girl. Give us an hour at least.” “Sorry Mauro, it looks like Lena is more interested in your sister this evening.” Mauro just gave us a quick look, “the night is still young. Anything can happen” he said.

“So what shall we do guys? Give them the time they asked for of course, but then see if they left anything for us?” Karl asked. “I’ll need some time to recover first. Let me just hang here at the bar for a while. You two go hunt some more.” Both gave me a quick look, a nod, and headed off onto the dancefloor.

“It looks like you need a rest Rob. How come?” I heard Gina’s voice behind me. “Ok if I rest a bit too with you?” If I looked anything like I felt it would indeed have been very obvious. I was glad I could still stand. “Yes of course Gina, please sit with me” and I pulled up a bar stool for her. “So what happened to you? Or should I say, ‘who’ happened to you?” she said with a big smile. “Is it that obvious? It’s the sex hair right?” “Ha-ha, sex hair. I have never heard that. But yes, it is your hair, but also the happy, but tired, face. I actually just meant who happened to you on the dance floor, but you had seks? Here?” I had slipped out more than I had intended. “With who then? I saw Kate leave a while ago with her two girlfriends.” That voice, those eyes, the intensity of her look just now, I barely knew Gina, should I tell her? “I told you earlier that we had a bit of a mix going on eh?” “Yes” she answered, “you, Gianna, Lena, you told me. But Kate left with them.” “Well, we are … ‘open’ to everything as long as everyone wants the same. We met two other couples here that are also mixing and have the same open minds.” Gina’s eyes were wide open at this point. This was all new and exciting to her I’m sure. “Let me just say that the girls of those couples just surprised me.” “Ah, the blonde and the Spanish girl?” Gina asked. “Have you been keeping an eye on me Gina?” She blushed and looked down as I said that. “Well, … I think you are very … handsome Rob. I like your eyes and your beard, and your such an amazing dancer.” Did I detect a little crush here? “I noticed you and that Spanish girl go upstairs to be honest. The blonde followed you moments later.” Damn, she was really keeping her eyes on me. “I will be happy to stay at your place when we come dance in Antwerp next time Gina. Who knows!”

Half an hour later we were still taking, but about normal stuff now. Where we had danced all over the world, what we liked best in people, the friends that we had made over the years, how awesome this weekend had been and more.

“Hey Rob, time to go.” Mauro and Karl had come up behind Gina. “You look a lot better. It looks like Gina knows how to take care of a man properly” said Karl. “Hey Karl, hi Mauro” Gina said, “you really have to go already?” “Yeah. It’s getting late and four days partying in a row, pffff” Karl answered. “Yeah, I have heard how you lot party here. I would be tired too.” Both of them looked at me and laughed. “Have you been telling wild stories again Rob?”

I stood up from my bar stool and gave Gina a warm big hug. I whispered in her ear, “soon I will tell stories about a girl in Antwerp.” I gave her a kiss on her cheek and said, “Goodbye Gina. Have a safe trip home. I will dance with you in Antwerp soon.”

We went outside and hopped onto a tram headed to the apartment. “A girl in every city Rob?” Karl asked. “I never planned any of this guys. It’s the music, that damn Blues is making everybody horny.” The three of us all laughed.

“I wonder what we will find” Mauro said. “I wonder ‘who’ we will find” Karl corrected him. “Who? What do you mean?” “Well. I haven’t seen that red head for an hour or so.” “You’re right Karl” I added, “I haven’t seen Eva for a while either indeed.” Mauro looked truly confused at this time. “It wouldn’t surprise me. Eva is into girls you know?” “Really? How do you know that?” Mauro said. “I know Eva from Rotterdam. She told me this earlier.” Mauro’s face started to really look worried now. “If that is the case there will be absolutely nothing left for us.” All three of us laughed.

We silently opened the door to the apartment. Everything was quiet inside. We took off our coats and shoes and made our way to the master bedroom. When we opened the door we found our girls completely naked on top of the bed. They appeared to be sleeping, or at least doing as-if pretty well. Gianna in the middle with her legs spread wide. Kate and Lena each to another side, their faces close to Gianna’s, on their sides, each holding one of Gianna’s breasts. Gianna had her hands between the legs of the other girls.

“I’m going for my own girl this time” Karl whispered. “Good idea” I whispered back, “I’m going for mine too” and we made our ways to the sides of the bed. “Hey guys. What should I do then?” Mauro said. “Just go ahead, you do your sister” Karl said. “Yep, she is wide open for you already, just start pleasing her down there.” At that moment I saw Gianna holding her breath, tension her legs and squeezing her eyes firmly shut. We all saw it. “Go for it Mauro” I said, “she tastes great.” Mauro hesitated, he had never been intimate with his own sister before, he will have seen her naked I guessed, but actual sex, that is quite something. “It’s ok Mauro, she is ok with it” I added. “Look, she is slowly turning her hips already to feel you better.” I lied, but after I said it Gianna did just that. Kate and Lena started moving their hips too, giving Gianna a good feel with her hands, giving her more room to spread her legs. Slowly Mauro moved in, he kneeled on the floor in front of the bed, put his arms on the bed, laid down on top of them, avoiding any other touch with Gianna, slowly moved his mouth forward, and then gently started licking Gianna’s lips. At the first touch Gianna, stiffened completely, all her senses were now focussed on her intimate parts. Mauro kept going slow at first, but then clearly started to enjoy his sister’s taste more and more. He started to use his hands to caress her inner thighs, his fingers to play with her lips, slowly going inside her and driving her crazy.

The other four of us slowly started to pick up the pace of our games too. Kate let go of Gianna’s breast and grabbed my hard one with her hand, “take it all off” she said, “quick. I want to eat you too.” “You too Karl” Lena said, “hurry”. Karl and I stripped naked in a matter of seconds. Our erections made it very clear that we enjoyed the sight and feel of this all. Our girls turned around, pulled us onto the bed and started to take us into their mouths. Not a second of going slow this time, direct and hard. “Hey” Kate said, “this one has lipstick on him”. “This one too” Lena said. “He smells like Jenny.” “Strange, this one smells like Paula.” Karl and I looked at each other completely puzzled. Both of our girls started laughing. “Don’t worry guys. Before we left we asked them to keep you guys busy there for an hour or so. When they asked ‘how busy’ we told them that we were ok with them going ‘all the way’” Kate said. “Did they take you to the office upstairs?” Lena asked. Karl and I still looked in full surprise at each other, we started laughing, our girls started pleasing us again and we gave each other a high five. So glad that no one saw that.

Gianna and Mauro had not noticed anything of this. First time sex can be so great. Especially with someone that you already know so well. One bedroom full of sex.

“Hey Kate” Lena said, “that one is still fully dressed. Shall we fix that?” “Of course” Kate replied. “You boys play with each other while we give Mauro our attention now.” Karl and I climbed further onto the bed and kneeled down besides Gianna’s head, our erections close to her face.

As Kate and Lena started to undress Mauro he had to stand up and stop pleasuring his sister. Gianna opened her eyes and saw our hard toys directly besides her head. She lifted her arms up and started stroking the both of us. Then slowly licking us one at a time, alternating between Karl and me. Gently she pulled the both of us closer. So close that she made our tips touch each other. She started playing with us, rubbing us together, making us wetter and harder with each lick and each suck.

Kate and Lena were all over Mauro by now, his clothes were almost all removed. Lena was kneeling on the floor and had taken him deep into her mouth, her hands massaging his parts below. Kate had put his hands on her breasts, she started kissing him. “Hmmm, you taste like Gianna, nice.” The play between them got more and more intense.

Then Gianna called out, “Kate, Lena, can you give me Mauro please? I want him inside of me while I lick your boys.” “Of course Gianna” said Lena, “we have made him hard and wet for you. Here he comes.” Softly they steered Mauro onto the bed. “Lift your knees Gianna. Kneel between her legs Mauro” said Kate, “put yourself inside her slowly. Nice and deep.” What a sight. Gianna was enjoying every second. Mauro slowly pulsing in and out between her legs, the hard erections of Karl and me rubbing against each other and her tongue licking both our tips in one go.

Kate and Lena were standing in front of the bed, enjoying the view, enjoying each other. One moment in a strong embrace, kissing passionately. The next moment playing with fingers deep inside the other, licking nipples, licking lips. The room started to heat up more and more.

“This is not fair” Kate said, “our guys get to see us kissing and having sex, and what do they do? They let Gianna do all the work.” Karl and I looked at each other. We did have that semi-accidental bi-thing this morning also, so why not? I leant forward and put one arm around Karl, the other on his chest. He came closer and started to kiss me, both of us closed our eyes. I could feel the excitement rush through my body, am I really doing this? The kiss was hot, from both our sides. Definitely different than with a girl, but just as hot and passionate. I let my arm slide down his chest, over his six-pack, down until I found his erection. Our mouths were in sync. Karl did the same with me. Gianna let go and allowed us to play with each other. She put her focus on our other goods further below. Licking there and taking our balls in her mouth one by one.

Kate and Lena must have stopped their play, I felt someone climbing on the bed behind me and a set of warm breasts touch my back. My arm on Karl’s back also felt two soft breasts. I briefly opened my eyes and just noticed Kate sitting behind Karl and looking me directly in my eyes. “Wow, this is damn hot.” she said. Lena had moved, still sitting half behind me she had bent forward so she could kiss Mauro, then lick the nipples of Gianna’s breasts, and after a bit more moving, she started to lick the hard erection of Karl as it moved in my hand.

My eyes connected with Mauro’s. I was wondering what he was thinking. A lot of firsts for him this weekend. Oh what the hell, why not go all out, I thought to myself. “Mauro, I’m going to do something now. Just say it if you want me to stop ok?” “Everything is ok Rob. There are no limits this weekend”.

I changed my position, putting my knees besides Gianna’s head, bending forward so I could sixty-nine her. Mauro was still inside her. I slowly started licking. Touching Gianna, but also Mauro with the tip of my tongue. I heard Kate say something to Karl which I couldn’t quite make out. A moment later he stepped briefly off the bed and then came back. He positioned himself behind me. One moment later I felt something cold drip over my backside. Then I felt his tip, pushing against me, gently positioning itself. Mauro had stopped pulsing in and out of Gianna, so we all stopped rocking on the bed. Slowly he took his hard one out of his sister. I was just centimetres away, it looked huge. Mauro took hold of my head and turned me a bit, his hand found my mouth and then he used it to steer his hard erection between my lips. I licked his tip with my tongue. It had the taste of Gianna all over it. One second later I felt the tip of Karl move slowly inside me. I had to resist the urge to cramp up, relax I though, Kate and I had used toys before like this too. But this was much different. Soft and hard at the same time, warm, strong but also gentle. Gianna had turned her head and now had me deep inside her mouth. I felt bodies everywhere. Kate had taken over kissing Mauro from Lena. Lena was now kissing Karl while she was also playing with his back side. For all I know she had a finger in him. This felt good. I felt Mauro’s hard erection starting to grow even harder still, “I’m … I’m …” he suddenly shouted, muffled a second later when Kate kissed him hard on his mouth. The next thing I felt was Mauro’s throbbing hard erection shooting it’s load deep inside my mouth. My own hard one was still in Gianna’s mouth, Karl’s still inside me. My head felt like it was ready to explode from all the erotic tension.

Slowly Mauro eased out of my mouth, I felt him going weak. Kate had moved so she could support him and let him lie down slowly at the foot-end of the bed. Then she turned around, put her fingers deep inside Gianna, started fingering her rough and kissing me intensely, all right after she said, “I want to taste Mauro’s cum in your mouth Rob.” She shouldn’t have said that, there was no holding back now anymore for both Karl and me. I felt Karl’s erection becoming harder and seconds later he thrusted deeper inside me than before, two, three, four times, before freezing in a strong lock. Too much for me too, I felt myself come hard, still deep inside Gianna’s mouth. I felt Gianna’s body tense up, I felt Kate’s tongue inside my mouth, I felt Lena’s hand hold my balls tight. At that moment everything came to a full stop. We all stopped moving, we stopped breathing for several seconds even. I don’t know for how long actually, but it felt like minutes.

Karl started to grow softer, I could feel it as he pulled himself out of me. Lena helped him stay stable, six people in their bed hadn’t happened before I thought, finding a spot to crash was not simple. When he was out I finally got some space to take myself out of Gianna’s mouth. “Are you ok Gianna?” I asked, “Hmmm” she responded, “you taste great Rob.” “Mauro tastes great too” Kate said. “One second” Lena said, she bent forward and licked Karl for a few seconds. “Yep, he still tastes great too.”

Minutes went by as we just rested there on the bed. We had all found a spot, half on top of each other. Everybody was touching everybody else it seemed. “Wow, I want this every day” Gianna said. Kate looked at me and we both smiled. “Exactly the words that Laura used when we were in Antwerp with her” I said.

“I’m moving to the other bed. It’s too crowded over here to sleep. Who is coming with me?” “I will come with you Rob” said Karl. “Let’s leave this warm bed to the girls tonight. Come on Mauro. We’ll have a boy-boy-boy night” and he winked at Mauro. “Fine with me” Mauro said, “as long as I get some sleep first.”

Our girls crept under the blankets and we kissed them goodnight. “Be good boys eh?” Lena said, “just sleeping together. No funny stuff without inviting us to watch.” “Euhh, no promises Lena” I replied, “the three of you did not wait for us either remember?” “Goodnight boys.”

The three of us went into the other bedroom. I put myself in the middle, Karl lay down to my right side, Mauro to my left. “What do you say guys? First some sleep ok?” Both Mauro and Karl agreed. “Yep, I’m beat” Karl said, “me too” added Mauro.

I had no idea what time of night it was. I just remember falling asleep in a matter of seconds. Dead tired.


The next morning came as usual way too soon. I felt rested, but also had the impression that I just had been asleep for half an hour or so. I opened my eyes and saw Mauro and Karl still lying next to me. As always I had my morning boner, even after a night, no, even after a weekend like this. I was curious, am I the exception or are all guys like that? And when does it start? Before you wake up, or at the moment of waking up. This is the perfect time to find out and compare I thought.

I first reached over Karl’s side, it did not wake him up. I let my hand go down and found that he was not hard at first, but the moment that I touched him I sensed movement, it started to grow quickly. Thirty seconds later there it was, a nice sized hard morning erection. Karl slowly woke up and needed a second to realize where he was and what was happening. He moved his arm to reach behind him and find my morning erection. “Good morning Rob. You are always ‘on’ eh?” he said. “So are you my friend.” and I automatically gave him a little kiss on his back while I slowly started to stroke him. “Let me see if I can find a third toy for the girls this morning.” I already felt that Mauro was also lying on his right side, spooning me a little bit with his knees and his arm on my chest. I softly moved my arm in position, sliding over my own backside, reaching down for inspection. Yep, there it was. Already in full battle mode. A strong hard erection. I took hold and slowly started stroking it. “Yep, his rocket is ready to go again. It’s just the pilot that is still asleep.” “Good, let him sleep” Karl said as he turned on his other side.

“This is weird” he said, “boy-girl is normal, girl-girl is accepted, but boy-boy still feels strange.” “Indeed, this has nothing to do with being hetero or gay, this is just people having fun and enjoying intimacy.” I said and we started to kiss. It was the same as being with a girl, just the body shape and the equipment is different. Other than that it is just another human that is connecting with you. Our hands were exploring each other’s bodies, more muscle tone, not as soft as girls and definitely more hairs.

His hand found my erection again and started to play. “Is it ok if I take you in my mouth? I have never done that” he asked. “Yes please” I replied, “that’s about the only guy-guy thing I haven’t done this weekend yet. Getting a blow job by another guy.” Karl moved out of the bed, kneeled onto the floor, and took a firm grip of my erection. Slowly he started stroking me. Then moved in closer with his mouth. “Just let me know if it is not good, ok?” “Don’t worry Karl, go ahead.” I first felt the tip of his tongue, running up and down my shaft. Then his lips around my tip, his tongue making circles around it. Next he let his mouth go down over my hard erection. He started giving me a perfect blowjob. “Are you sure you have never done this before Karl? It feels great so far.” All I heard back was, “hmmmm”.

“Good morning guys” Mauro said. “Can I join in so we can share your hard one Rob?” “Of course Mauro. Please. My first ever blowjob by a guy, why not make it a double one?” “You will have to let go of me then” Mauro added with a smile. I was still holding a tight grip on his erection. Mauro kneeled down on the other side of the bed opposite from Karl. His hand moved up my leg and found my balls. Softly he started licking them. Karl took me out of his mouth and pushed me towards Mauro. Mauro started giving me a blowjob just as good as Karl had been doing moments before. “This feels great guys. I wish all my weekends were like this.”

“Shall we try a three-guy sixty-nine?” Karl said. “I have no idea if that can work at all, but since we are experimenting already it’s worth a shot I think.” “Ok, how do we do that?” Mauro asked. “I think, all three on our sides, facing each other, I will blow you, you will blow Rob and Rob blows me. Ok?” We needed a minute or so to position ourselves but then we found our thing. I had never before tonight given another guy a blowjob, but I really liked it. Karl’s erection was strong and hard as the night before when I felt him inside me. Licking his shaft, his balls, while Mauro was doing the same to me, it was simply awesome. I had my eyes closed so I could focus on the sensations.

Minutes passed before I suddenly felt two soft breasts touching my face. I opened my eyes and saw Kate over me. Out of the corners of my eyes I saw Lena do the same to Karl and Gianna the same to Mauro. I guess their brother-sister relation has taken a nice turn this weekend. “Having fun boys?” Lena asked. “Can we join in?” The next thing I know all three guys were receiving double blowjobs by a boy-girl combo.

It was great, but we all felt the exhaustion still present. All the dancing, partying, eating, sex, we needed to take a real break soon. “I don’t know about you guys, but you can flip me over. I’m done” I said. “We all need breakfast and some real rest.” “Don’t forget the shower” Karl added. Our bodies are covered with sweat and other fluids.”

“No wait, I want to try again” Gianna said. “What do you want to try again Gianna?” Kate asked. “Before we stop there is one thing I want. I want to have both Rob and Karl inside me.” She paused for a few seconds. Then continued to say “and Mauro too. Karl and Rob tried yesterday morning, but they were too big.” “From what I can tell they have just gotten bigger and bigger Gianna” Lena filled in. “No, I want one of them from behind this time.” We all looked at Gianna and smiled about her request. “Ok, who goes where then?” I asked. “I want Karl to lie down, I will sit on him. I want you to come in my back-side Rob. And I want you in my mouth Mauro.”

Karl placed himself in the middle of the bed. Gianna lowered herself on top of him and started to ride him a little bit. Her hands besides his head so he had a good view of her perky breasts. Lena passed me the massage-oil, “ah, that is what I felt last night” I said. I poured a bit over Gianna’s back side and over my tip. Then started pushing softly against her back side with it. “Move forward a bit Gianna, then let Rob do a bit of the pushing and then you take control by pushing yourself onto him. Make sure you relax you back side or it will not work” Kate advised. I felt my tip push against Gianna, slowly it eased its way in. Then suddenly Gianna relaxed and pushed hard back on me. I went fully inside. She let out a little gasp of pleasure. “Come Mauro, take me in my mouth. I want all three of you to fuck me as hard as you can.”

She had seemed so quiet and timid when I first saw her Friday. Who would have known that three days later she was the one wanting the roughest sex? Kate and Lena started helping us four a bit. Kate had started playing with Gianna’s nipples and Lena had positioned herself on Karl’s face. Letting him lick her while she was kissing Mauro. We were in this position only for a few minutes before Gianna started to reach her peak. She had Mauro still in her mouth, but I could hear her shout a long “Hmmmmmmmmm”. Her back side started pulsing my erection quite hard at the same time. Seconds later she let go off Mauro’s hard one and collapsed on top of Karl. I was quick enough to adjust and make sure that I stayed inside her. Silently she whispered “I have dreamt of this so long. Three guys, just for me, ‘in’ me.” She looked so innocent, so sweet. A little angel that just had some real nasty fun.

Gently I pulled myself out of her. She did not even respond. Totally knocked out. “I’m going for the shower guys.” “I’m with you Rob” said Kate. “So are we” said Lena and Mauro. As we started to leave the room Karl said, “hey, wait up guys. Help me get this one off me. I think she’s broken.” All of us laughed, including Gianna, who clearly struggled finding enough energy to move any of her muscles.

Shower time was a moment of peace for all of us. We were all dead tired from all the dancing and more from all the sex. We talked about new friends that we had made, about things we had learned, about sexual fantasies that had finally come true. At the same time we helped each other wash and clean, paired up in our favourite combinations. I was extra gentle taking care of Gianna, everything was extremely sensitive now she said. I let her lean into me while I washed her hair, her body and het wonderful breasts. I could not resist the temptation to softly caress her between her legs. “Hmmmm, nice. You never stop eh Rob?” “Not ever, Gianna. Especially not when playing can be so much fun as with you and all my other friends.” When I washed her back side the flinched a bit, “gentle please. It is still very sensitive.” “Don’t worry Gianna, you’re in good hands.”

When she was clean she turned her attention to me. Softly washing my parts while I washed my hair and body. Leaning into me and just making small slow movements. “Sorry” she said, “I’m just too tired.” “Don’t say sorry Gianna. Just relax and enjoy this. I, we, will take care of you. You just rest.”

Next to us the same was happening. Slow hands washing beautiful bodies. Little plays when hands teased breasts, nipples, lips, balls and penises. Now really for the softness of the touch, no longer with the intent of erotic pleasure.

Kate tried to tease Karl briefly, she kneeled down in front of him and teased him to make it hard again, “if you want you can come in my mouth or on my face Karl.” “No, sorry Kate, there is nothing left. Gianna got all of it.” “Ah, you did come too? I had not noticed.” “Nobody noticed, nobody needed to notice. It was Gianna’s moment” Karl said. “You are so sweet”

Lena and Mauro were more like lovers. Just washing each other and stopping every minute for a tight embrace and a sensual kiss.

One hour later we all took place at the kitchen table for lunch. “My, what a weekend.” Lena said. “What a weekend indeed Lena” repeated Kate. Our bags were packed and ready to go. In a few hours from now we would be on our way home. Kate and I on our way to The Netherlands, Gianna and Mauro headed in the opposite direction on their way to Italy.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I am really looking forward to our future encounters my friends” I said. “Maybe in Firenze, maybe in Breda, but for sure next year here in Munich again right?” All of them agreed.

“So what will you be doing until that time comes Rob? Or better, ‘who’ will you be doing?” Mauro said. “You and Karl have been my favourite teachers this weekend.” “Eh, we?” I asked. “Yes you. I have seen you create opportunities for future encounters. Eva, the redhead, Gina from Antwerp, that girl from Japan, the one from Denmark. Where do I stop?” “Yes I’m looking forward to dancing in Rotterdam and Antwerp indeed when we are back home” I replied. “But don’t forget England and Spain eh? That is a victory for all of us.”

We continued eating our lunch and talking about the weekend. But eventually it had become time for us to say our goodbyes. We still had a nine hour drive ahead of us and were already late. It would be very late in the evening before we got home.

I hugged Gianna and whispered in her ear “I loved every second with you Gianna. Every dance, every hug and every fuck.” She whispered back, “I loved every time you took me Rob. How you had sex with me on the dancefloor and in bed.”

I turned to Lena, hugged her too and said, “you have been a wonderful host this weekend Lena. I enjoyed every moment that I was in you caring hands.” She replied, “always the smooth one eh Rob? We loved having you and doing you here.”

“Goodbye Mauro, keep up the fast footwork man. Hopefully I will be as good as you one day” “Thank you for all your teachings Rob. Hopefully I will be able to bring some of it home to Firenze and really get that town swinging.”

Then Karl and I hugged, “thanks for the great blowjob and the other explorations man” I said. “Next time it’s my ass man” Karl replied. We both laughed and thanked each other for the amazing weekend.

Two hours into our trip we received a new message in our WhatsApp group. Missing you already it read, followed by a selfie picture of Karl and Lena back in bed with sad faces just looking over the edge of their blankets.

See you next time friends. 💋


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